March 24, 2011

Computer Bunting

No need for a boring computer - spice it up with a little craftiness!

Oh look, it's (it shows up weird-sized on my sewing computer - gotta fix that):
A brighter view of the computer in my sewing room - love it!  Love the stand I had Trevor made for me - the Silhouette fits under the screen perfectly, and I just slide it out when I need to use it. It also keeps my Magic Box (for my Embroidery Machine card) and computer speakers out of the way
Yep, I just hot-glued the sticks to the side of the screen -
A backed-out view of the corner - one day I'll have the room clean enough to take pictures of the whole thing - for now, I just clear out one corner at a time and take a picture  - -
So if you want a regular bunting, just cut some triangles and sandwich it in to some bias tape.  If you want a fabulous bunting you can cut fancy triangles with the Silhouette fabric interfacing (25% off through the end of the week - use code "SUGARBEE" - - there's also a deal on the whole machine using the same code if you're looking to spend your tax refund on something fabulous...)

Just so you know, cutting fabric wasn't all bells and whistles - some places didn't cut through and I had to use my scissors.  I think I really need (A) a new blade and (B) a new mat so my stuff will actually stick down....Still, love the idea of cutting fabric with Silhouette - more ideas coming...


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Such a fantastic way to add some bunting to the house, very cute!

Adding it to my list!
The Silhouette is smaller than I thought--this sticks it in the pro list and coaxes me even more towards clicking "Buy now!"

Aaaahhhh... I love everything about that. But if I hot glue sticks to the side of my monitor, my husband is going to make sure I never find my glue gun again.

Based on your monitor and your fab plywood rug and your big ol' happy... is that a pinboard covered in fabric to the left? I think I want to move into your craft room/office.

I had kind of the same issues with cutting fabric, although I used heat n' bond since the interfacing was on back order. I'm not sure having a really sticky mat is ideal, either. I already kind of feel like I need a new blade, and I've only had my machine for about a month.

It's cool, but I actually suspect a die cutter would do it cleaner.

Oh my gosh! What a great way to add some color!!!

Oh my!! I am totally making one of those for my computer at work!

I love it, but I think (I know!I will) I might get banned from the computer room if I start hot gluing things to the computer! :)

That's fun!! I love that you carried the same colors and "theme" throughout the whole room! Even if corner by corner! ;)

SO CHEERFUL! What fun to create in this space!!! Jules

Blog hopping! I'm your new follower and would love a follow back! Thanks!

Ah so cute!! Love it. Bunting should pop up everywhere!

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