Faux Boys’ Tie

Crazy – 2 days in a row with crafts for boys!  Today is a Faux Boys’ Tie  – – it’s faux because it’s not even close to a real tie.  It’s kind of like those ties that people applique to onesies, but not appliqued down.  Super quick , super cute.  Here’s a quick how to make a faux boys’ tie.

Cut out a tie shape (you can trace a tie or just wing it) – you’ll need a front piece (I used burlap), a back piece, and a piece of batting or fleece or something to make it a little cushy.  Cut all3 into the main part and then cut all 3 into a “knot” shape as shown below.  You’ll also need a piece of thin elastic long enough to go around your child’s neck when it’s not stretched (not pictured).

First, if you’d like any embellishments, etc, sew them onto the top layer.  I sewed on a shamrock, kind of off to the side.

Then make a sandwich of the main part and sew it together – yes, you’ll have raw edges – that’s the look I was going for – and yes, you’ll be able to see the fluff in the middle – I was okay with that too.  Then sew the edges of the “knot” and when you do, stick the elastic in so they get sewn into the seams.  I sewed around all the edges twice.

 Finally, I placed the knot overlapping the main part and sewed around the edge of the knot again to sew it on top of the main part.  I know it’s a little wonky – I’m claiming it’s part of the charm.

That’s it!  The elastic should stretch to fit over his head.  I think he’s a little unsure of it’s fabulousness – that, or he doesn’t like photoshoots in the misty rain….

Seriously, this was really easy – I bet you could even hot glue it together if you didn’t want to sew.  Go try making one!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    hehehehe adorable!! And he totally has the look of ” mooooooom do I really have to pose for pictures noooooooooow?” look on his face! What a cute little project! <3

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    That is seriously adorable! I think I have all the stuff to make one for my two year old except for the elastic. I wonder if I could just hot glue a pin to the back and then pin it to his shirt?!?

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    LOVE, LOVE LOVING this idea! I tried to make one similar to this before but it was too small and wide — cuter for a littler guy, but I am loving your fabric choice and everything! Can’t wait to try this — AAAAAANNNNNDD I love the idea of trying it with a hot glue gun, that’s definitely at the top of my list!

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    HI! So I know you posted this FOREVER ago, and to be honest I pinned it FOREVER ago. BUT get this, I just made two of these beauties and I thought I would tell you how great they are. So Thank you for having really great ideas, and also that people are still out there checking out your awesomeness and waiting for the perfect time to use your creativity. Have a great day, I am stocked about these for Easter. :)

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