March 11, 2011

Gift Packages - paper triangles

Half the fun of gifts is the packaging - well, sometimes - well, mainly when the gift is cheap and small, it needs a fun package.  These paper triangles are fun to rip into and easy to make - win,win.  I won't go into making a gift package paper triangle too much - there are several out there, but here's an overview:

Use hot glue on the seams - I tried a gluestick first, but what was I thinking - hot glue did the trick.  Cut a rectangle and glue the 2 short ends together.  You'll have a tube.  Then glue one end, like shown:
Now, for that open end, glue it together so the middle seam is on the side (on the end that's already closed the seam is in the middle - can you see what I mean in the above pic?) - that's what makes it triangle-ish.

For extra spunk, I ran both ends in my paper-crimper-thing - - it takes a little muscle since you're crimping on top of dried hot glue, but it's doable.
 Comes out like this - makes it look more "finished" if you ask me.
 That's it - pretty easy and fun, right?  Now, make 70 more for every child at church.  The fun starts to wear off just a little....
 Oh, as I'm doing this and watching trash TV (I think it was The Bachelor) I had a sneak come down out of bed - she helped me "organize" them (see the line-up) - -
 Anyways, go try this - you can do it!


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Those are cute and easy!!! Like the crimped edges! I can see where 70 would get old REAL fast though! haha!

So clever! Thanks for the idea and tutorial!

Those are great! Coming from the Friday Hop - glad to find you! I'm going to look around more! Have a great day!

LOVE!! The orange and yellow reminds me of candy corn :)
About how big was your starting rectangle?

love this idea! Super easy. Super cute. I'm visiting from thegirlcreative!

These are so cute! and easy!

I love this! What a great and frugal idea for gift cards, checks, and small gifts! Thanks!

I have always liked these, but never quite understood how to make them -- well I knew how to do them all but that paper crimped part. Thanks for showing us today!

70! Wow. That's dedication! so cute. I'll bet the kids loved them!

I've made these before, but LOVE the crimped edge. Adds so much. Thanks for the idea!

Cute! These remind me of fruit popsicles we used to have at lunch in school. I like them, and I'm going to have to try this!

Very cute! I do like the crimper-thing ends. Makes the little package look great :)

So fun stopping by (for the first time)!
Kindly, Lorraine

Adorable! I love DIY gift wrap, thanks so much for the fab. idea:)-Jenn

I love these Mandy!!! The crimping makes them look store-bought - that thing is cool!!
Thanks so much for linking to Think Pink Sundays!! :)

Oh this is great.
I can use it in my class too. I never let my pupils buy presents when there is a birthday or for Christmas. I let them make stuff, maybe they can wrap it in these :)

Don't even know where my glue gun is. I don't remember seeing it when I set up my new craft room!

Did you know I found my crimper last week, I think the last time I used it was a year ago.
would luv for you to add it to our linking party this week.

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