Gift Packages – paper triangles

Half the fun of gifts is the packaging – well, sometimes – well, mainly when the gift is cheap and small, it needs a fun package.  These paper triangles are fun to rip into and easy to make – win,win.  I won’t go into making a gift package paper triangle too much – there are several out there, but here’s an overview:

Use hot glue on the seams – I tried a gluestick first, but what was I thinking – hot glue did the trick.  Cut a rectangle and glue the 2 short ends together.  You’ll have a tube.  Then glue one end, like shown:

Now, for that open end, glue it together so the middle seam is on the side (on the end that’s already closed the seam is in the middle – can you see what I mean in the above pic?) – that’s what makes it triangle-ish.

For extra spunk, I ran both ends in my paper-crimper-thing – – it takes a little muscle since you’re crimping on top of dried hot glue, but it’s doable.

 Comes out like this – makes it look more “finished” if you ask me.

 That’s it – pretty easy and fun, right?  Now, make 70 more for every child at church.  The fun starts to wear off just a little….

 Oh, as I’m doing this and watching trash TV (I think it was The Bachelor) I had a sneak come down out of bed – she helped me “organize” them (see the line-up) – –

 Anyways, go try this – you can do it!

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  1. says

    I have always liked these, but never quite understood how to make them — well I knew how to do them all but that paper crimped part. Thanks for showing us today!

  2. says

    Very cute! I do like the crimper-thing ends. Makes the little package look great :)

    So fun stopping by (for the first time)!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  3. says

    Oh this is great.
    I can use it in my class too. I never let my pupils buy presents when there is a birthday or for Christmas. I let them make stuff, maybe they can wrap it in these :)

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