In denial – fabric hoarding

I was considering entering a “destashing” contest but wondered if I even had a fabric stash – then I took some pictures.  Um, yeah, HUGE stash – guess I was in denial.  In “keeping-it-real”, here’s a bunch of my stash messes – I’m close to being organized – well, kind of…..

This dresser is filled with tulle – packed as tight as it can be – oh, love the dresser?? it’s foil, and I hope to show it off to you later this week….

I can’t pass up plain tshirts on clearance – they’re all shoved in this wire thing.  It’s easy to whip out birthday gifts,etc.  Also here is a basket of felt and a basket of fleece and a bunch of random junk:

See, I’m trying to organize – the bottom shelf is all neatly folded fabric – looks so nice.  I just need to tackle the other 2 shelves!  The top one is all sheets from garage sales/thrift stores and the middle shelf is more random stuff –

This corner is stacked so high it’s almost touching the ceiling – clothes I thought I could repurpose, plus batting (that stuff takes up TONS of room!)

I can’t see things go to waste – when my uncle wanted to know if I wanted all his old overalls, of course I couldn’t say no –

Recent thrift store finds, so they’ve yet to be put away –

Projects that I’m currently working on – –

Hmm, more clothes to be repurposed….

And yet, I really don’t think I have that much of a fabric stash – – – well, maybe I do…..

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    I have an idea for the old overalls. (Keep in mind that my idea of cleaning is starting new projects. Not terribly effective. Nevertheless.)

    The first thing to do is to cut the overalls into three sections: 1. the bib/pocket. 2. the useable-as-fabric sections. 3. the seams.

    With the bibs/pockets, make a hanging organizer. See Martha Stewart’s big book of sewing and fabric crafts. Not sure what it’s actually called but I just looked through it at the library.

    With the seams, make coasters. I saw a great tute for these recently but can’t find it now. Basically you roll the seams up into a circle using fabric glue to hold them together.

    And then save the rest of the fabric.

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    I have to say that I think you are in total denial! My mom has an entire room for her fabric, and I always ask “why are you buying more when you have a whole room full?!” It’s maddening! My whole stash plus scraps fits inside a desk drawer!

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    Oh my goodness!!! I have only seen that much fabric in Spotlight (large fabric store in Australia) You have a serious fabric addiction. I only have an applebox full of fabric and feel guilty if i make a purchase without using what i already have.

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    OH, Mandy I have that same disease too! But you are so brave to strut your stuff! I laughted so hard!!!!

    I understand not wanting to get rid of material. You just don’t know when you might need that whatever… the problem for me is findin it. HA_HA!

    I am so happy to see this post! At least there is someone out there like me!

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    The only reason I have any organization is my lack of space. Don’t you just love finding the cool vintage sheets for like a buck?

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