March 25, 2011

Interactive Boy Shirt - Racecar Play Shirt

when she saw her brother wearing this, my daughter said excitedly:  
"Can he wear that to church so we can play on him?"

Great idea, right?!?  Boys love to play - one thing my kids love is the car mat I made them - so why not make it into a shirt.  There are 2 pockets on the front for the special cars, and then a big pouch pocket on the side where several cars can be stored.  The pockets mimic Racing Flags.
To make the pockets, take a rectangle and iron all the sides in - then iron it in half:
Then fold a little crease in the bottom, as shown:
This will give it a pleat and help the pocket stick out enough to hold a car.  Just sew it on to the shirt.
The road is a piece of curvy felt, sewn on.  For the yellow stripes I hand-cut iron-on heat tranfer vinyl and ironed it on - be careful not to melt the felt.
 And yep, the road goes all the way around in a loop:
Another way I tried to incorporate the RaceCar Theme is the number down the sleeve, just like the number down the hood of a racecar.  I used my Silhouette to cut out flocked heat transfer vinyl and ironed it on.
And, voila - the shirt in action:
Just so you know, I dreamed up this idea for my 2 year old - when I went to buy a green shirt (you know, for the "grass" under the road) all they had was a size 6-8, so I figure it might fit him when he's 5 or so, hence the number 5 - - in the meantime my 8 year old modeled the shirt for me - he's cute, but I think it'd be cuter on a 2 year old!

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This is awesome! My fella would love this!!! :) Thanks for sharing.

So super genius! Love it! Come link it up at my Tuesday Time Out Link Party that's still open! I'm your newest follower from TGC Blog Hop!

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What a fun shirt! I'd dress one of them in it when you have long waits - post office, doctor, etc. Very cute.

You are so creative. This is a shirt and a toy in one! Awesome!

How creative! My son would never want to take this shirt off! lol

Fun shirt!!! I bet this would be entertaining at church!! :) I'm sharing this on my FB page today!

LOVE IT!!! and teh car pockets are so cute!! i saw you at I am momma hear me roar today :)

holy love. my son is going to love this..thus I am not showing it to him..

My 5 yr old would never take this off!! Such a cool idea! Would love for you to link it to my Craftastic party:)

My 32yr old boyfriend would love this!!! Some boys never grow up ;)

This is so cute! I am featuring it on my sewboy series today!

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