March 17, 2011

Last Minute Green - fabric necklace fun!

What?! you're not wearing green, sore from all the pinches?? Whip this up quick!

So the base of the flower isn't anything new - you cut 4 circles fold each one and then fold it again so it's a triangle, then glue all the triangles together onto a circle.  This is everywhere in the blog world so I didn't do a tutorial, but here's what the back looks like:
What I DID come up with was that fun center - and so easy.  Here's the how-to:
--Take an extra circle and put a glob of hot glue in the middle of the back:
--Plop it down into the center of your flower and scrunch/pinch the glue area, as shown:
That's it - it should look like this:
Put them into necklace form by using my fabric necklace tutorial.  See how the folds kind of fluff up -
Fun, right??  Oh, and look it matches my camera strap I won on a blog giveaway awhile ago - -
Have a great Green Day (my favorite color, ya know!)


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Ooh! Love the fun little twist you used for the center of the flower! It's adorable!


This is really cute and looks like a fun and fast craft! Gotta love instant gratification!

Very cute. I love green too. It's what I see from May through October. The rest of the year is white. SO, right now I'm longing to see GREEN again!!! :-0

The special center that you came up with adds some extra ruffle - and I love it!

Love the centers! I'm always trying to figure out what to put in the middle and I love this!

So lovely! :) Thanks for sharing how to make one of these fabric necklaces.

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