March 18, 2011

Play Dresses - pieced jersey

Cleaning out drawers we gave the boot to lots of shirts - many that just got too short in the body. What to do, what to do -- to destash the pile, we cut them up and resewed into fun play dresses:

Because these girls LOVE dresses, and Tshirts are the perfect thing to play in, so why not combine them!  We watch the neighbor girl occasionally so it's fun to do projects when she's over - I had the girls pick the shirts from the pile that they liked the color of, and I cut them into strips and sewed them together - that's it.  If you need a more detailed tutorial, KoJo has a great one.  I went against my sewing instincts and sewed with wrong sides together so the seams show on the outside - it's okay because TShirts don't fray.

They came up with their own poses:
 And this one is where they have their model faces on - I tried to color-edit the photo more model-ish - tried.
My daughter didn't want flowers sewn on, but the neighbor girl did so we added these to the bodice of her dress:
And of course I whipped up some headbands - -
So as you're clearing out this spring, be sure to think outside the box - if a shirt is too short, it might be able to be something else.....


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I just cleaned out my closet and I am SO going back through the clothes! This is such a wonderful idea! These girls are just the cutest models! :)

That is a great idea!!! I like that you sewed the seems on the outside! They look super comfy too... Kinda wishing I could wear a play dress to work... haha.

I love that you kept the seams on the outside of this dress! So cute! I might have to try that with a T-Shirt quilt, keeping the seems up and out - love it!

The dresses, and the girls, are adorable :)

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