March 24, 2011

Quick Projects for cutting fabric (and quilt progres)

Remember, I'm trying out the fabric interfacing from Silhouette - - a couple of quick projects:

--A couple of months ago I Patched Jeans with a simple hand-cut heart - fun, but with the silhouette I cut a "doily" design which is much more intricate - - adds to the fun!

It's kind of hard to see, but if you look close there are holes cut all along the edges for the doily effect.
Jeans been sitting in the to-be-fixed pile so long that when they finally get patches they're too short??  Just cuff the bottom and claim they're capris :)
--I am in the process of making my first quilt - wahoo!  It's for my toddler's room - with the Silhouette I cut letters for a pillow for his bed to match the quilt.  Now, I know you're wondering  - why not just use my embroidery machine?? - well, it only has the fonts I buy, but the Silhouette will cut any font I have downloaded on my computer - score!  And I can make the letters big:
So remember, Silhouette deal going on is 25% off fabric interfacing with the code "SUGARBEE"- - and the interfacing is pretty popular (they've ran out of stock before) so if you're thinking about it, you might want to go for it. 

Do you want to see the progress on the quilt - well, either way, I want to show you - so fun!!


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The quilt looks like it will be fab, love the colours your using!

Quilt looks A-mazing. Why the Silhouette and not a Cricut? Don't they virtually do the same thing?

That quilt is going to be great! I love the colors you've picked out for it.

So cute. Love the orange fabric you used for the letters. I need to do some old fashioned applique like that. I only have a 4x4 embroidery field on my machine.

Love this pattern! Very cute. Can't wait to see the finished product. Lucky Will!

The quilt is sure coming along nicely! Good job!

CUTE capris!! And what a fun little quilt! Way to go you!

That's your first quilt? For reals?!! It's crazy awesome.

You have won the stylish blogger award! If you wish to accept it, see my blog for details. If not, no worries! Just know that I appreciate and enjoy your blog.

I think I'm falling in love with your blog a little bit, not least because, like me, you have Nerf darts in your pictures. ;-)

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