Rolled Flower Cuff

Another application for the rolled fabric flowers - a quick and easy cuff:

So make some flowers with the tutorial , then cut a piece off of a toilet paper roll:

Wrap the cardboard with fabric, hot glue it on, then hot glue the flowers on – that’s it!

Mine was a little loose – I wonder if it would have been better to use a pop can to make it instead of the toilet paper roll…..

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    What about using one of the “slap bracelets” you can get when a kid? They’ve been making a come-back and my son got one on Valentine’s Day.

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    Very cute!!! What about using a thicker cardboard like from a tape roll. That might be more stable. I’m like another comment-er, don’t wear headbands so this alternative is great!

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    I made this today and took a piece of elastic from the shirt I took the fabric from and hot glued it to each side of the bottom to make it tighter :)

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    I LOVE this! I have a new obsession with fabric flowers and will have to make one of these soon.

    Found you through Sew Cute Tuesdays and am now a follower! I also plan to link up to your party. Stop by my blog when you a chance–I’d love to have you as a follower, as well! :)

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