Ruffle Dress Tutorial

 Another tutorial using Ruffle Fabric – wahoo!  This time, a whole dress.  It takes longer than the 5 minute skirt, but it’s definitely doable in a naptime.  And really, blogging this tutorial took longer than actually making the dress. 

I went with light pink because I thought ruffles would be perfect for an Easter Dress.  This tutorial is zipper and button free!  Ruffle fabric is stretchy, so with the V-neck and the stretch in the fabric, no closures are needed

This took a lot less fabric than I thought – I was able to get 2 dresses out of 1 1/2 yards of fabric (my girls are 4 and 6).  I bought fabric to line the top as well – I used the swim/dancewear stuff (found it at JoAnn’s) since it’s really stretchy, just like the ruffle fabric stuff, so it would stretch over their heads.

Here we go – a tutorial on how to make a ruffle dress.  You can do this!

Grab a dress that fits her well – trace around it’s bodice:

But instead of making it a scoop neck, draw a diagonal line down:

Cut 2 and over lap them for the front – see:

Trace a piece for the back as well:

Did you notice that the ruffles on the bodice go diagonal?? – love that little touch – see:

To do that, when you cut the fabric, put the diagonal edge on the edge of the fabric – in the picture below, the ruffles are cascading towards the top of the picture:

Cut the back of the bodice:

And cut the same pieces out of lining:

Lay out your 2 front bodice pieces:

And then put your back bodice piece on top of it, face down.  Sew the shoulders – where the white dotted line is – and do the same with the lining pieces.

Now, lay it out flat with the ruffles on top – then lay out your lining.  Pin it together.  Sew where the black dotted lines are as shown below.  Note that on the armholes you stop and start sewing about 1 inch from the edge.

Now, the semi-tricky part.  Mainly tricky to explain.  First flip the whole contraption right-side out by pulling it through the shoulders.  Try to iron where you sewed, but be really careful and use a cool iron.  Then, at the bottom of the armhole, find the 2 edges of the lining and sew them right-sides together.  Then sew that same spot but on the ruffle, right sides together.  After that you’ll notice a small hole in the bottom of the armhole – sew that seam.  It’ll make sense (I hope) when you see it.

So that’s it for the top – not too hard, right?  Grab your girl and have her try on the bodice – overlap the V-neck and pin it to fit (I think I needed my make my 4 year olds a little tighter – but she kept wiggling, so it was hard to tell!).  Then where the 2 pieces overlap, sew them together along the bottom edge.

For the bottom part, cut 2 rectangles and sew up the side seams – I didn’t take pictures of that part.  I traced the well-fitting dress again to get the size right.  Flip the skirt inside-out.  Put the bodice, which is right-side out, upside-down inside the skirt.  Pin those edges:

When pinning, I didn’t pin the lining, so it just hangs inside the dress.  Oh, and I didn’t line the skirt part – you could if you wanted.  Sew it together and you’re done!  Great job!

A quick heads up – if you sew a long stitch down the middle of a strip of ruffle fabric, and gather it, you can glue it to a hairclip and it looks great!

More of my models – can you tell it was really cold and windy? ? (that’s why there are a few without my 4 year old – she bailed early)  Oh, I forgot to mention I just tied a ribbon around their waist to add a little interest and shape.  Super cute – super easy – what more do you need!

See ya!


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    HELLO,loved this tutorial . The dress is beautiful. Can’t wait to make for granddaughters,7 of them. Also thinking this would be great dress for when you need something little dressy without the fuss. Thank you. Have a Blessed day, Carol P.


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