March 16, 2011

WIWW - ankles?

The other day I saw an Old Navy commerical where they were singing about ankles.  I took it to heart.  I have 1 pair of skinny jeans and always wear them with boots because they tuck in.  Well, on a semi-spring-ish day, I put on those skinny jeans and cuffed them up so there was a hint of ankles.  Thoughts??

 --sweater - Old Navy - $? (possibly from high school?/)
--shirt - DownEast - box pleat shirt - gift
--skinny jeans - Walmart - black friday $8
--shoes - JCPenney - clearance 5+ years ago, $5
--owl locket (flipped open in the picture - oops!) - A Side of Peaches

I love me some Matchy-Matchy! - Here's us on Sunday - I love matching and coordinating with my girls - even the posing is the same!
 Me above:
--gray dress - I KNOW this is from high school - Old Navy
--fun tights - aren't you proud! - Target clearance
--Fashion Scarf for the pop of color - Target, black friday, $5


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13 Fabulous Comments:

how cute is that Sunday photo!

A girl after my own heart, I love matchy matchy!! You girls look great!

Love the ankle!!! Try darker flats too!

Holy Cute Matching!!! I love the family looks, but am totally stumped of how to start it. Great, great, great job!

I'm trying to follow your example and take my look a step up. I've got to me honest, some days are hard but on the ones I feel I've succeed, I feel so good...and have FUN doing it.

Love it... I'm gonna try to show off my ankles today too =)

I love skinny ankle jeans! They look adorable on you, girl!

You are adorable! And you crack me up with your highschool clothes! Have a great week Mandy :)

love the jeans cuffed up with the cute! Oh, and you should be very proud that after those adorable kids of yours, you can fit into clothes from HS!!! :)

Uhhh. . LOVE the ankles . .am about ready to start that myself!!

And LOVE the matchy matchy! If I had babies I would TOTALLY do it too!! :)

What a cute girly family shot!

You look great in the skinny jeans. I can't do it though - it gives me flashbacks to being a tall kid and jeans not quite being long enough. Being told you we were wearing ankle-freezers was a big playground insult!

you are so cute! love the outfits. i'm putting your prize in the mail tomorrow, meant to earlier, but i've been dealing with a sick kid, that isn't fun in public!

Love the picture with your girls, I actually matched my little girl at church and didn't even mean to:)

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