WIWW – resale shop finds, and Are Dots In?

Recently Kate gave me a heads up on a local resale shop, Ditto – it’s tag line is “A Hip Clothing Exchange” – and “hip” is what I need.  So today I’ll show you a few things I’ve found there – here we go:

First up – a short-sleeved sweater.  I used to go on rants about short-sleeved sweaters – you know, “if it’s a sweater then it’s cold out so you need long sleeves – short sleeve sweaters have no point!”  Then I saw people wearing them with long-sleeves under – ah-ha moment, I get it now!  So I was on the hunt for one – I found this gray one for $2 on clearance – score!  It has kind of a drapey front thing going on

 So above:
long-sleeve black tee – Downeast – $10
gray sweater – Local Resale Shop, $2
jeans – Downeast, product review (I know I should have had on Skinny jeans since I wore boots, but I put on the jeans before I thought about footwear and didn’t want to change)
boots – Kohls, $20 on Black Friday
Jewelery – Target (it’s two loops but the top is twisted weird in the picture) – color splash of green
watch – Chunky Bling

 Now, at Ditto with some friends (so fun – we should do it again), I tried on this dress – it was $8 – they gave the go ahead.  I kind of felt like that Dr. Seuss book that says Put Me In The Zoo with all those polka dots, but they said polka dots are in because they saw it on Project Runway – is that true?  Anyways, first off, it is a true wrap dress and was a little ill-fitting at first – see the gaping necklinein the BEFORE PICTUE (I don’t know why I look so short in this picture – I know I’m not tall and all, but this picture is off!.  To fix it I added a tie higher than the original tie, so there are now 2 ties on the side – see how it helped in the AFTER PICTURE (ignore the really windy day – at least I went outside instead of that same bad background in my front room that I’ve been using)

 So above (the AFTER picture):
–dress, Local Resale Shop – $8
–pink shirt, DownEast Basics – $10
–jewelry, Premier Jewelry party – earned it!
–boots, Walmart, 5+ years ago – $25

One more for you – I got this Black Sweater with a cowl neck thing – I wasn’t sure, do you wear a necklace with that?  Should it be long or short?  I went with short, but I wasn’t sold.  I wore this to a game night – and check it out – I wore heels!  You’d be proud.  I thought I needed something a little nicer, and so I dug through my closet – these are my “church shoes” but I thought, why not wear them with jeans – so I did.  I should have worn them barefoot but I anticipated taking my shoes off once I got there so I went with fun socks.

 –Black Sweater – Local Resale Shop, $8
–jeans, see 1st outfit
–socks, Target Clearance, $2
–Jewelry, local boutique, $10
–shoes, garage sale, $1?

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    Gosh you look super skinny in that wrap dress! It shows your curves off really well whilst still showing your dinky figure!

    Good bargain hunting!

    P.s. I can’t tell you about polka dots cos we don’t get Project Runway over here til it’s about 3 years out of date, but I think it looks lush! xx

  2. says

    Grey sweater is great! You should pair it with slimmer pants – volume on top, slim on the bottom or vice versa.

    Polka dots are IN! They are popping up all over the spring runways. You look AMAZING in the dress. Love the pop of color.

  3. says

    All 3 very cute outfits! I am totally with you on the sweater vest thing. I thought the SAME exact thing about them…until I borrowed one from my mom and refused to give it back! And the polka dots look great! I love the splash of the pink underneath. And I think it’s cute that you wore socks with your heels…a little peek of color, so cute!

  4. says

    I love me some crazy socks!!! So whenever I can add that bit to an outfit I love it. Especially when I’m going somewhere where I know the shoes will be coming off because then they are your shoes. Love all the outfits!! Polka dots are in because when we were looking for dresses for my sister in law’s wedding she went with polka dots and we saw them everywhere.

  5. says

    The top outfit is my favorite! LOVE that sweater vest!!! And what a steal!!! :) I think polka dots are supposed to be in… Regardless I like the pop of pink underneath! :)
    For the cowl sweater, if your going to wear a necklace I would say short. Or even just go with long, dangly earrings instead! Sometimes less is more! :)

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