WIWW – yes or no??

This is a one-outfit post because I need you to focus on this and not be distracted by other pictures.  My cousin called from the store saying she found a dress she loved but it was my size, not hers, so she was grabbing it for me.  I said go for it.  She said it’s super cute – my mom said it’s hideously ugly.  So I need votes – do you like it?? yes or no – – here it is:

It’s definitely not something I’d pick out myself, but I don’t mind it.  Oh, I know I need to be wearing black tights – that’s on my to-get list.  Anyways, my problem is I can’t see past the great deal – it’s made by Vera Wang (although it’s “Simply Vera, Vera Wang” which I’m sure is her everyone line) and retailed at $80 – it was on clearance for $7.    So I don’t know if I love the dress or love the deal of the dress.

I wore it to an adult meeting (no children) at church and then out-to-eat.  All fancied up for the night out – I even have THe BumpIt in – could ya tell?  Of course you could.

Anyways, thoughts on the dress??

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    You are gorgeous! The color of the dress looks great on you too. But…the dress isn’t really my favorite, although like i said, I love that red color on you!

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    Is the top part of the dress? The long sleeved black part I mean? I have to agree with Nicole, the colour is fabulous on you but there is something off about the dress.

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    Now… I’m not very style savvy, and I may be completely wrong… but I agree with your mom! I didn’t even read the text at first… I just said “Oh Lord!” *giggle*
    If YOU like it… that’s really all that matters tho! I used to wear things that everybody else thought was ridiculous all the time! (Remember Grunge?? Yeah… I owned that… LOL)

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    I agree wtih the others, you look great, but the dress itself isn’t one I would have picked out either. I’ve found a lot of the Vera Wang stuff is just…kind of odd. Love the color & the shape of the dress, I think maybe it’s the shiny stuff (sequins?) in the middle that throws me off.

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    Are you wearing a long sleeve shirt under it? I think that is what is throwing off the look. If it’s too cold to wear it sleeveless, you could try it with a little cardigan or bolero jacket over it. That’s my 2 cents, anyway ;)

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    Oh dear. I’m gonna have to go with ‘no’ on the dress, although I might like it as just a skirt. It’s the weirdness of the shape of the top that’s throwing me.

    Your boots are killer though. That’s what’s wrong with living in Florida – there are about 2 days to wear boots all year. :-(

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    I just want everyone to know, its even uglier in person. This photo makes it look way better, and its still ‘off’ as someone said.

    Mandy’s mom

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    lol I was just laughing at your mom’s comment above ….:) That’s SO my mom too!

    I personally don’t care for the dress. But gosh darn woman you can pull it off. If I were to put that dress on ….I’m not even sure what I would look like. Not cute. But you wear it well. But I bet something else would look even cuter on !

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    I love the deal….but not the dress. I have to agree with everyone that the color looks great on you but not in love with the dress. I also think maybe it might look better with heels and not boots. Just a thought.

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    Black tights, and black flats may help. The boots and the length of the dress make you look “stubby”. I also agree with someone that said to get rid of the long sleeves and go with a cardigan.

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    Okay, so I too like the color, the dress is interesting. However, I think a black cardigan could make it pretty hot though. And your black nylons need to stay, I think “tights” would be too much. You look good though, just try it with a cardigan. :)

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    I can’t say I like it, but I probably wouldn’t point and stare, either. If you decide you don’t like it, turning it into a skirt is worth considering. I think it’s the top that is mostly the problem. Still, doing something different once in a while is great!

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    This would be a NO for me. I don’t care for the sequined top with the vintagey (70’s) fabric pattern or the long-sleeved shirt underneath. The ensemble looks like something you would have seen on the Partridge Family. I agree with the person who said this would make a cute skirt. Perhaps you could refashion it and salvage a good deal for your $7.

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    i like the dress. it looks good on you. really good.
    i don’t care for the black long sleeve shirt under it.
    i think a black cardi or black short/fitted jacket would be super cute with it. add a short necklace to frame the neckline with dangly earrings.
    BUT don’t get rid of the dress it’s SO CUTE!

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    if i saw you out and about i wouldn’t think twice about it…i think you look great! but now that i’m studying it, the dress seems odd…is it made of shiny fabric or something?

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    While you can rock it, I agree with many that the top seems off with the strange sequins. Maybe re-fashion as a skirt because I really like the red fabric!

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    Personally, I like it! I think it would be better without the shirt underneath because it throws off the neckline but I actually think it’s a dress specific for winter. Just the tone of the red makes me think it’s not a spring/summer dress. Maybe that’s why it was on clearance?
    You look great though. Love the accessories and shoes!

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    I like it, but not styled like that. Shirts under dresses look really dated to me- I would pair it with opaque black tights and a skinny heel or ballet flats, and a cardigan over it!

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    I agree with most of the others, the dress seems a little off but YOU still look good! And I also think a cardigan might help it alot. It would be hard for me to look past the deal as well, what a steal!

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    I love it!! So cute and unique. I agree with the others that said that you need to get rid of the long sleeve shirt underneath and get a little jacket instead. A bolero would look awesome with this!!

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    I can’t decide exactly why, but somehow the outfit reminds me of a square dancing dress. Not exactly, just western-influenced. I think swapping out the boots and adding a cardigan would help, but it really depends on what you’re going for…

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