March 30, 2011


It's working!  I think I'm actually getting *a little* style - - yesterday someone said "I'm just so excited to see your house - I know it'll be great because you have a great sense of style and always look so good" - what?!? Are you talking to the right person?!?  Anyways, there are still MANY days I sport this look:

but I try to make the effort a few times a week.  Here's some effort looks:
 Above - I think this was a good look - it's what I wore to playgroup.  The boots are always popular (Target, $30) and the turquoise necklace brings some color to the brown.
 Above - this is what I wore out-to-lunch.  Funny that someone pointed out that Kate and I matched - I hadn't even noticed! I found the sweater at a local resale shop for $2 and think the fuschia compliments it.  I ventured into Forever 21 for the first time and bought the necklace and earrings for $2 each.  A friend left the flower at my house and I last minute grabbed it and shoved it in my hair (hope that's okay Renee!) - my 4 year old wanted a turn at the camera:
 Oh, and someone mentioned I could try a darker pair of flats - I only had a silver pair, so I bought a darker pair from Paige - love them:

NOW - - thanks so much for the opinions on last week's dress - so fun to hear what you all think (I'm going to see if I can get a resale shop to buy it off me).   I want to do more of that - - so each week on What I Wore Wednesdays I am going to pull some things out of my closet and see if I should keep them or give them the boot.  Fun, right?!?  Here's a start:

It seems like lace is all the rage lately.  So when I saw this lace-ish shirt at the local resale shop, I bought it ($5, I think).  I think it works under a jacket (again from Paige - she was selling a bunch of stuff and I grabbed some) like here:
 But I'm not sure on it's own.  It has this elastic running through a weird spot - right at the waist - and I'm not sure what to do with it - do I floof up the top or pull it flat or what?  I feel like it kinda makes the top frumpyish.  Maybe I could take out the elastic?  Maybe it's not worth salvaging? I loved it when I bought it, but now I'm not so sure.....thoughts???  Sometime it will warm up (it will, right?!) and so the jacket won't be an option - can I wear it alone?


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21 Fabulous Comments:

You look fab!! Really like the outfit with the the boots and turquoise necklace. Brill!

Now this shirt - I actually really like! Good find, a keeper :)

You look adorable in all of them. I LOVe the lace top, I think it compliments your figure very well and is overall very cute-with or without the jacket. Good job!

I really, really like the lace top, especially since you can change it up with so many different colors under it. I think the way you've got the elastic situated in the last picture looks good, but I agree, those kind of tops can throw me for a loop sometimes. Would it be easy to just remove the elastic so it'll hang nicely? I say keep it either way!

I actually think the lace top looks better without the jacket...
And I love your flats!

I have a shirt that has the elastic in the same place. Actually, I got rid of it last week cause I didn't know how to wear it.

I think you have the cutest clothes. You've done an awesome job!

The darker flats are amazing! The lace shirt should be flounced up - that's a very "in" style right now. It's ok with the jacket, but by itself is so much better!!! And it WILL warm up - eventually. lol.

I love your out-to-lunch outfit. And I think you might have to permanently borrow your friend's hair clip because it looks super cute!

As for the lace shirt, I think it looks cute as is. If you take out the elastic it might be too long, but I can see how it would bother you running right across the waist. But it looks cute :)

Yes, Yes, Yes,...Love the lace top it looks great on you with the jacket and with out. I don't think the elastic looks wierd it hits you just right, I know that place seems weird and probaly not that comfortable but it looks great. I do think you need to wear it with skinny jeans, and lose the socks

Super cute! I love the the brown turquoise combos. :)

My 2 cents is keep the shirt. It is so versatile you can wear it win many ways. I could see it with a cool cami undernearth...pair that with bermuda shorts and heels. Great, great looks!

those purple flats are ADORALBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you're using the flower. Mark's sister actually gave it to me - Kara hijacked it the day we came to your house.

Loved the lace shirt - it's even better without the jacket.

I think you're exceptionally brave to post your outfits for all to comment on. :o)

Great outfits. Love all the flats, and the boots are super cute. The lace shirt is WAY CUTE. Love it without the jacket much more than with the jacket. It's a definite keeper and not frumpy in the slightest. Very romantic and girly.

You are so CUTE! Love the brown and torquoise outfit! Not sure about the lace top ~ could you {with great care} take the elastic out?

I like the lace shirt!!! Try it both ways, pulled up and pulled down to see what looks better! I think the top outfit is cute... haha

You look adoarable! I have the same red flats, love them, they add such a pop of color to any outfit.

Kelli @

saw your blog on the pleated poppy... and i like the lace top! i would wear it without the jacket. you can wear so many different color combos! myself, i would probably do a black top underneath and turquoise long necklace. or maybe pull it down (tighter on top) and wear a belt low on your hips over the elastic?

Mandy, I think everything looks really cute but I am not a fan of the colored socks in the one pic.

Lurve the brown outfit! The necklace just sets it off and the color looks awesome on you. I like the lunch outfit too and the new flats are SWEET! I would personally keep the lace top. I think it looks fine like you are wearing it. The suggestion of pulling it down and trying a wide belt would work too. The color combos are endless with it.

Thanks for linking up! I love the shoes, and the lace shirt is really cute! I would pull it down and do a wide belt, but I like it the way it is too!

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