April 29, 2011

Bed Tutu

Why make a boring bedskirt when you can make the bed it's very own tutu  :)

I saw something similar to this somewhere in blogland, so if it was you, let me know so you can get a proper shout-out.  UPDATE:  I saw it on OneTwoTwo&Co.  I'm in a "use-your-stash" competition where the challenge is to use lots of yardage each week - I thought this was a good project (but I only used 7 yards and someone else in the competition used 25 yards - wow!)

My girls had fun helping me with it.  And a sign that blogging affects everything I do - my kindergartener said "hey, we should take picture of how to do this so we can show everyone" - right you are!

Here's a tutorial on how to make a bed tutu bedskirt:
First cut a gazillion strips of tulle - we used plain and sparkle.  Fold a strip in half and poke the folded end  down and open up the "loop":
 Take the other end and put it through the loop (side note - do you like that face she has drawn on her hand so she can make it into a person - classic!)
 Pull it through:
 And pull down to tighten:
 After they were all tied on, I went back and trimmed them to length, just above the floor.  You can see the ones on the right side have been trimmed and the ones on the left side are long.

 And here's a quick before and after - amazing how adding a bedskirt miraculously cleans up the whole room:


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If adding your bed skirt can clean the room and make the bed... I'm going to make one RIGHT NOW! ;-)
It looks great!

TOO TOO CUTE!!! Love it!!! I just don't think I can talk my daughter into letting me make her one, tho.... She's 23!!

Maybe my niece?!?!?!?

Hugs ~~ Suz


huge difference! what a great idea!!
I also LOVE that bunk bed!

Love this idea, thanks for sharing.


Oh my gosh...i CAN totally do this! I think that i may try to add some sparkly beads, too....after all, if you're going to have an amazing bed skirt, it should sparkle!

Thank you for posting this... :)

What an adorable idea! I have a little boy.. but one day when I have a little girl this is exactly the kind of feminine touches I want to add to her room :)

Delighted Momma

This is really a cute idea and I am thinking ribbon would be a great way to go as well...which I might try in my daughter's room.

So when I decided on a name for my baby girl, I knew that her room had to be ballerina themed (because she shares the name of the girl in the Nutcracker- Clara). I looked EVERYWHERE online to try and find a tutu bedskirt tutorial and couldn't find one, so this is what I came up with:


I love the idea of just tying it directly onto the frame! What genious! Wish I saw this last year!

This is such a great idea! We have bunk beds in our girls room and I might do this! It looks so easy and so cute! Thanks for sharing!

So cute and girlie!!! When you requested votes at that one contest awhile back... And I saw that entry, I KNEW it had to be yours! ;)

This is adorable! I'll definitely be doing this when my baby gets into a bed and out of her crib! Not that I'm rushing that... :)

I hope you will share at my new party, Craft and Tell Tuesdays!

Maybe it was here:
or here:

Great Job!!

This has been on my to-do project list for a couple of weeks! Love it! I think I'm going to do a matching window valance too!

I think this is just so cute, but I don't think my 17 yr old boy would let me do this! Then I start imagining how my cat would love for me to do this!

LOVE this! FYI: if you use tulle ribbon you just have to cut length as it's the PERFECT width! (I made a person skirt not a bed skirt though) Thanks for sharing on lollyjaneboutique
<3 your newest follower

I LOVE the bunk bed. Can you tell me where you bought it?

This looks genius! Such a great idea!

tutus for babies

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