April 4, 2011

Crochet Confidence

Look, he loves it - not!

Yep, I told him he had to wear the hat so I could take a picture - and so he bust into tears!  I don't know why I keep making hats for this kid (see HERE where he wouldn't model the bucket hat) - but I can't resist, just in hopes that one day he might wear one.

I would put myself at a mid-level beginner crochet-er.  I've made a few very simple things, and only one or two other things using a pattern.  Well I won a pattern from Inner Hooker on The Boy Trifecta Blog and choose this Aviator Hat - super cute, and the best part - - I ACTUALLY did it!  Crocheted the whole thing, reading the pattern - I am seriously proud of it!!  If only he loved it like I do....

Reading the pattern gave me such confidence that while at my parent's house watching General Conference of our church (happens twice a year - church on TV, as my kids refer to it - see it HERE) I found some dishcloth yarn my mom had and used the free pattern on the package (I actually understood the mumbo jumbo) to whip these up - -
Guess I'm a crocheting pro!  What's next?!?!


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Great hat. You look like a pro to me. :o)

Good job! I recently learned how to read a pattern too! Hats are so fun to make! My older daughter won't wear them, but the baby has no choice :) lol


I don't know how to crochet and knitting gives me headaches. Good job, I admire your talent and patience! My kids wear hats my mom makes them, but my husband is embarassed when they do. Go figure!

If it makes you feel better, I would wear it in a heart beat!!

But it made for such a cute blog post. :)
Cute hat!

Great job! I don't know how to crochet, but I do know how to knit. My little guy hates hats too! I keep trying to make him keep one on, but I don't think it is ever going to happen.

I'm a new follower and I love the hat and dish cloths!! Great job! I've been crocheting for a little while and I taught myself how to read patterns by googling instructions!! lol I love it now and it's super easy once you get the "mumbo jumbo" figured out!


You should be proud of it! Nice job! Some day Will will be making his kid wear it - you saw that stylish blue and neon green sweater Elise was wearing over spring break (she loved it and it use to be mine!). Anyway, nice job!

this makes me feel so much better about so many things. LOL adorable.

I saw his facial expression on Not Just a Housewife & had to stop by to see the project.

I sometimes get the same reaction.

You should be proud of that aviator hat! Great job! Poor little dude! Just not having as much fun with the hat as you did! LOL

Love it!! I have the same problem with getting my kids to model stuff!!

Way to go on finishing is super cute hat, too!!

That is adorable!!! Even if your little guy is kinda sad to have to wear it... haha! Love the pot holders!!!

he's adorable, and so is the hat. poor guy doesn't like 'em huh? thank for sharing this at my party!

I don't know why he doesn't like that hat. It's adorable...ooops, maybe because old gray haired ladies say he's adorable in it...lol...

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