Etsy Shop Stock – and photo “studio”

Yep, I’ve added a few more rolled flower necklaces to my Etsy Shop.  I was sold out, and they’re kind of tedious so I’m slow to restock.  Anyways, the turquoise and orange theme is really hot right now, so that’s in there and a gray one I love and want to keep for my own (I’m sure I’ll end up making a matching for myself.)

The code “BLOGLOVE” still works if you’re interested in getting 20% off.  Makes for a great deal, especially since everything in my shop is less than $10.

 And, for you viewing pleasure, my photo studio for my items:

Yes, that’s the light box I made out of a diaper box I dug out of the recycling bin, and since it was nighttime I couldn’t use natural light I needed fluorescent.  To make the inside of the box bright enough, it needed to be closer to the light – the dump truck did the trick.  While Buzz and Buzz protect me from intruders….

You all create like this, right?!?

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    I love love your professional studio! I think it is also awesome that you have two employees there to help you out and watch over everything for you! Thanks for making my day and keeping it real!

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    Love your studio! When I was trying to take a picture of something framed today, I had to put a box on top of our puppet theater with a towel over the whole thing and hide behind it so you couldn’t see the reflection of me with the camera in the glass…the things we go through… ;)


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