April 25, 2011

I need Mandi!

Um, yeah, of course I'm entering this:

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because Mandi over at Vintage Revivals is awesome!

Seriously, she cut up 2 rugs and taped them back together to make this ah-maz-ing masterpiece:


So of course I want her to makeover my house.  And here's the thing - Mandi's whole house is fabulous, but she herself said her bedroom has nothing really awesome in it and it's about to get a makeover - - well I'm saying start with mine!  it can be a practice run....

I'll show you why you need to vote for me - don't be scared.......

When we moved into our current house a couple of years ago, we were in awe of the size of our bedroom - it's huge!  So we bought a king-size mattress to replace our queen, to help fill up the room - - but we've yet to actually buy/make a bed.  So yes, almost married 10 years and I'm sleeping on the floor like I'm back in college:

We don't know what to do with all the space - - opposite of the wall is a loveseat, just there to take up room:

The other two walls have dressers on them - the furniture is begging to be redone!
(are you noticing my "necklace hanger" fell off the wall - oh hot glue, why did you fail me?!?)

More importantly, are you noticing the awful wall color??  It's somewhere between mauve and dirt - we've repainted most the rooms in our house, and this one obviously needs it bad!

And yes, the *lovely* curtains from the previous owners are still up:

And don't forget to look up (not that you could miss seeing this!)

See, I need Mandi to come makeover my room!!  Vote for me!


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I loooove that you sleep on the floor!! :) Awesome entry! Good luck...but not more luck than me! :P

Ahhh! Mandi, we recently madeover our bedroom. Roeshel over at The DIY Showoff featured it about a week ago. You should take a look. We made our own headboard because we didn't have one either. Good luck, girl!


Your room has so much potential! Even if you don't win you can do it for inexpensive!!! We got a king Ed and had to get rid of our headboard so bought a metal frame for $60 at Costco and added beadboard on the wall that our bed is on to create a headboard. A little paint on those nighhtstands.... Chairs in place of the loveseat for a nice relaxing area. We also replaced our ceiling fan- inexpensive and super easy DIY project!

But no worries, I voted for you!

I voted for you! I have a ceiling fan like that... in our living room :-/ Been wanting to replace it for a long time but hubby refuses because it was from his mom.

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