Last Minute Easter Baskets

This past Saturday we had a family egg hunt at my grandpa’s house.  Do you see what my kids used for baskets!?!?  That’s right, Walmart sacks.

I don’t know where the baskets are hiding from last year – but even if we found them, they’re lame at best.  While at Target I wandered in the dollar spot (the $2.50 area) and saw these metal buckets – loved them, wish there were 4, but I grabbed the last 2 blue ones.  Next to them were wicker purse/bag things – I thought that would be cute for the girls.  They were all big enough to hold a couple dozen plastic eggs and I saw cute Easter baskets in my mind….

For the girls I ironed heat-n-bond on the back of fabric and then freehand cut out their initial.  Then peeled the heat-n-bond off (it leaves a glue behind on your fabric) and ironed it on to the wicker – I wasn’t sure it would iron on, but it worked!

For the flower I wanted more dimension than a rolled flower so I went with the gathered rolled flower (how-to found HERE) and hot-glued it on for that wow factor.

For the boys metal buckets, I had Trevor drill holes for a handle, and then he strung rope through them:

I used my Silhouette to cut their names out of the vinyl I bought from Expressions Vinyl – I liked the bright buttery yellow color I got and thought it went with the blue.

And that’s it!  Now they can egg hunt in style!

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    I have some plastic buckets similar to the ones you used. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to put the vinyl on them b/c of the ridges. Did you have trouble with that, or do you have any tips to do that? I’v only ever used vinyl on smooth surfaces. They look great by the way!!

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    So clever! I got a couple of buckets at Target this week myself, but not for that purpose. And they’re a bit smaller. Love this post!

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    what a cute mama! and I agree with katie’s comment above, they can totally be used outside Easter. ::shameful:: my kids just used walmart bags this afternoon cuz we lost theirs other ones this morn! (:

    thanks for linkin these cuties up! xoxo

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