April 23, 2011

Mini Loaf Pan

Last weekend at a garage sale I bought these cute little mini loaf pans for $0.10 each - what a deal!  So I put them to good use with some yummy banana bread.  Mmmmmm.


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the mini-sized loaves look so adorable! and would make little gifts too! :)

Mini loaf pans are da bomb! When I make homemade bread, I usually bake some of the dough in my mini loaf pans. My kids love those little loaves! It's so fun to use the bread to make mini sandwiches for their lunches.

YUM is right! Those look delicious and so cute in those smaller loaf pans. :-)

wow.. you really got a good deal there..! and those banana bread look so delicious..! :) <3

I love it when I score at a garage sale:)

10 cents???!!! You got the deal of the day...I mean year!! :) Good find!

They look so good! Due to recent floods, the price of bananas has skyrocketed to $13 a kilo, so I won't be making banana bread for a while. I'll just have to enjoy looking at yours.
Thanks for sharing.
x Marnie

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