April 30, 2011

New Pan

Check out my new lasagna pan - love it!!  Love the green - perfect for my kitchen!  I was able to review this pan for CSN - it's a Rachel Ray Lasagna Pan.  I think it worked just as well as any other pan, but it looked much more fabulous!! It's pretty heavy-duty and I expect it to last for a lifetime.  It was easy to clean, etc. Did I mention that it matches my kitchen :)

I use the super-easy recipe from Kraft Foods when I make lasagna - you don't even have to precook the noodles - just layer it all and bake.


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aw man, I've been wanting that pan FO-EVAH!!! (but in red, to match MY kitchen :) Thanks for giving me something to ask for for Mother's day!

is it dishwasher safe and does it scratch if you were to use a knife to cut food out? Also- it looks HUGE!! Does it fit more than a usual 8x13?

Nice pan, and now I want lasagna!

That is a beautiful pan! Love the handles, but I bet it's still a beast to carry around, huh! I see that it comes in great colors. I like the green of yours.

I love all of Rachael Ray's stuff! I have her set of pots and pans (got it free with my rewards points!!) and I lurve them alllllllllll. Looks great!

Being Italian I cook a lot of Lasagna! This is a pretty pan. What is it made of?

Oh my gosh how cute are you? That pan looks amazing!

I love this pan! I've seen it before and have been debating on getting it since it matches my house as well.

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