Normally I do sneak peeks of my upcoming projects on Facebook ( but since it’s a slow day here on the blog I thought I’d stick it on here – – 
I soaked a dark brown rug in bleach to turn it light brown – but it turned ORANGE – what the crazy?!?!  Now what?!

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    Here’s my two cents: orange is a cool color but if you don’t like it you could try die or leaving it in bleach more. Did you know when you”bleach”your hair it goes thru all the shades from say brown to blonde it will go thru browns reds oranges on the way to blonde. So if you take it off too early you could end up with orangeish hair. That’s why they check it and let it keep processing. Maybe it’s thesame with rugs hehe–connie,

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    Ironically, I was going to say the exact thing as Connie did right above me. I am a hairstylist (maybe she is too???) and she is 100% correct about that. I’d suggest either continue to bleach it to try and get it to a lighter more desirable color, or dye it. If you’re going to dye it you will probably need to use a more griege (grey-beige) tone to combat the orange.

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