April 30, 2011

Photo Glimpses - athlete?

Remember, I'm posting non-crafty pics each week so you can get to know me a little more....

Don't be fooled by this picture - I am not athletic - at all!  A couple of years ago Kate convinced me to do a triathlon - then she bailed!  Turned out to be a tough one, according to other people who actually do this sort of thing on a regular basis.

Anyways, you can read all about it HERE, back when I did a much better job of family blogging (it's a pretty good post - I scanned it when I went to grab the picture).

So why am I bringing this up, 2 years after the fact??  Because I must have forgotten that I'm not an athlete - Today I'll be running in my first-ever 5k - I don't even like running - why am I doing this!!  I haven't trained - well actually, a couple of weeks ago when it was warm I ran the circle around our neighborhood, 0.9 miles, and had to stop several times to walk.  I've probably done that 5 times - does that count as training??

My goal - to beat my mom - it's her first 5k also and she doesn't run - but she has a killer speed-walk thing going for her.....who will prevail?.......


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Good Luck!! You are braver than me! I only run if something/someone is on fire!

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


That's funny. I just did my first 5K a few weeks ago. I'm not a runner either but I have started running a couple mornings a week to try and stay in shape now that I'm turning 30! :)


Mandy, I am running a 5K for Celiac disease May 22nd and haven't done ANYTHING!!! I must start.... I must start... :)
I ran my first 5K last year a couple of days before I turned 50. I did it in 41 minutes and that was jogging and walking and wanting to lay down on the street and cry! :)
Good luck in your race~

Good luck! I ran two 5K's last summer. Pretty fun. Good luck and keep us posted with the results.

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