April 9, 2011

Photo Glimpses

 -Remember, I'm going to try to give you some weekly non-crafty photos for more of a glimpse into me 

Our church is building a temple close to us - it's a really big deal!  We like to drive by and check the progress:

The other week, we were able to witness the Angel Moroni Statue being placed atop the temple (you can see more pictures from  photographers HERE and read an article HERE).

This is my mom, me (holding my 2 year old wrapped up - it was freezing! and we were unprepared) and my aunt (Kate's mom) - I'm sure they're glad I'm posting such a lovely picture:


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The pictures are beautiful!! We will be driving through Kansas City this summer (big family church history vacation) and I need to remember to put that on the list of places to drive by!!

Oh! That is a fabulous picture! I love the one of Angel Moroni!

I don't know why, but I's always assumed you were in Utah. How cool! My family is headed to Independence next week for a conference and thought we'd make a mini vacation out of it. We've never been there.

Those pictures are precious!!!! That's so awesome you got to be there for the placement of Angel Moroni. You are being so blessed by having a temple nearby. The Oquirrh Mtn Temple is right in my backyard and you remind me how I need to go there more often :)

How exciting you're getting a temple close by! Fun pics...

what a wonderful experience that must have been. Thank you for sharing.

What cool pics! The Moroni on our temple here in Twin Falls was put up the day my first son was born- I thought that was a pretty neat thing to note for that day! Congrats on having one close to you guys!

yay! that's gonna be my new temple too! I can't wait!

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