April 16, 2011

Photo Glimpses

Remember, I'm posting some non-crafty pics each week so you can know more "me" - - - 

We try to have a family night each week.  Talk about the activities coming up in the week, teach the kids a lesson, sing a song, play some games, eat treats, etc.  The kids really look forward to it and I should probably put more effort into preparing our family nights, but mostly we just wing it.

While waiting for the fire to die down, I gathered everyone for an impromptu picture -

This past week the weather was so nice we used our family night to work in the yard and eat smores - yum! I had bought Peeps the previous day to use and make the smores extra fun, but of course we ate them all so our smores are just regular ones.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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AWWWWW..what a lovely picture of you and your family!! FHE is the best!!! :)

what a cute family! love the smores. hope it was a great weekend for you too!

Fun FHE. I can't wait til we put our fire pit in. This coming Monday we are coloring an dying our easter eggs early for FHE.

Looks like one great night. Yummy...

What a great plan... smores on a family night. I am dreaming of peeps as smores... oh yumm!

I think winging it works just fine. And it appears to be just the case this week. Loved your shots. The s'mores look delicious!

Can't wait for smores and sticky fingers. Maybe if it would quit snowing. lol.

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