April 22, 2011

Reusable Rhinestone Template

Just a heads up - - once you've cut out a template for Rhinestones, you can use it over and over again.  These two girls wanted shirts like my older daughter.  They helped fill the holes on the template - and where the "E" was cut I just freehand-style placed rhinestones in the shape of an "A" instead.  (And speaking of, technically you don't need a Silhouette Cutting Machine to use the rhinestones - you could just use the rhinestone kit and lay out your rhinestones however you want.) 

And a heads up - you know me and my frugalness - I saved the clear sticker sheet you use to stick the rhinestones onto when you iron it down - I've used it 3 times now and it's still sticking - so that's a way you can stretch your supplies.  The models:
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How cute are they!! Wanting to be like the big sis! Looks like somebody gave themselves a haircut too?? :) So grown up!

Great tip! thanks so much for sharing...

How cute! And don't they love doing stuff like that at that age. :-)

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