April 1, 2011

Shabby Chic Necklace Holder

**Be Sure to READ THE BOTTOM of this post for some Trying-To-Be-Funny disclaimers**

Don't you wish you had one of these??
 My jewelry was out-of-control.  I have a jewelry box I really like that I bought at a store-closing sale a few years ago.  It's been perfect.  But lately as I've tried to Step-Up-My-Style, I've found that a way to do that is through accessories - mainly chunkyish jewelry.  The problem is that chunk jewelry takes up a lot of room in a jewelry box.  So it's a big mess - and some doesn't get put away, etc - - see:
 Jewelry hangers are everywhere, so I thought I'd do a version - Shabby Chic.  The tutorial on how to make it: grab a discarded old 2x4, add about 10 nails that stick out, and hot glue it (no kidding!) to the wall.
 Then switch all your big jewelry over.  Here are my "helpers" making sure things took twice as long as necessary.
 The finished look - boyah!
And now my other "dainty" necklaces have room to breath in the jewelry box:
I found several necklaces I didn't know I owned (and several I have stolen from my mom) - who knew I had such fabulousness!  And how in the world was I fitting all in that jewelry box before?

--Yes, this is my attempt at an APRIL FOOL'S POST - there are tons cuter ways to make a necklace holder than with some nasty-looking 2x4.

--Yes, even though I made this as a joke, it's still on my wall - I love the idea!  I need to grab a real board and make a real holder - but until then, this is working.  Ask me in 6 months if I am still using it (and I might still be!)

--This is the first time I've taken pictures in my bedroom for the blog - it's awful.  It's the last major room that needs redone in our house - - when picking priorities , the kids playhouse (still in the works) won over a Master Bedroom Makeover, so this remains on the to-do list.


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18 Fabulous Comments:

Very useful!! And chic! thanks for sharing dear!

giggle, still clever...love it April fools! Happy Friday Hugs!

Yesterday as my kid were practicing their "April fools" back and forth in the car I though "I should do something on my blog"....unfortunately I am usually not that clever on short notice.

Love your blog. Found you through the Truly Lovely site.

You're a hoot! Honestly, it is a very cute idea when it's covered with all of your fab jewelry! ;)

I LOVE it! It really IS shabby chic!

Judi x

You got me! I was rubbing my head thinking..."where's the shabby chic in this"? LOL Not a "ugly project" at all if you're bedroom is decorated "country" like mine!LOL
Thanks for sharing!

No joke, I do recognize my necklaces. Give them back.


You know, I really like it. Even if it was suppose to be a joke, it is really cute!

Ummm...I actually like it! I was thinking I would probably use something other than nails, but otherwise it was right up my ally! Well, other than hot gluing it to the wall, there's gotta be a better (and less damaging/permanent) way.

I LIKE IT! :) April Fools or not, I think it looks good! But old shabby boards are my style. heehee. And you DO have some awesome neck bling there!

mandy you are amazing! I do not know how you do so much with your day. It has to be those helpers you have! I know it does not hurt to be BO. Born Organized, you come by it honestly. Your mother is a force to be reckoned with and now so are you. I love this post. So cute!

I think the best part is that your Mom now wants her necklaces back! I actually have a necklace holder like this that my son made for me all on his own as a Mother's Day gift one year. It's one of my favorite and definitely most used gifts!
We've also had a great time celebrating April Fool's Day today. I posted our morning on my blog....


Ha! I totally fell for it! I totally need a new necklace hanger myself! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my heck- you had me! I was thinking- wow, hot glue to the wall- who knew?!? Really doesn't look too bad! :) Hope your joke day was fun!

Holy crap! That's exactly what I need {and not just all of the fab necklaces}. Thanks for sharing!

You know your uber talented when even your april fools joke is fabulous! I love this! I featured it on my blog today. Feel free to grab a featured button!



i think last year you should have waited till the next day to say it was a prank- really mess with their heads etc...however, I like it- simple, easy, maybe with cuter or colored nails though! :}

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