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Alright everyone – – remember a while back when I posted this:

I had bought the shirt for $2 but was unsure about wearing it – – I loved this comment from Alisonswhim:

 I made a shirt similar to this and sent the pics to my very fashionable sister. Her response was to tell me to stop watching Hannah Montanna. And I do b/c I have a 10y/o daughter! She said that I should shorten the straps and use a belt or scarf to make it empire waisted. It looks great now!   Her point was that there are some styles that our age (I’m 30) eliminates us from wearing. And the truth is that a lot of those styles are unflattering and the only reason Hannah Montanna can get away with it is b/c she’s a teenager.

Dead on!  It screams Hannah Montanna – so of course it was stricken from my wardrobe.  But with some minimal adjustments, it’s a super cute dress for my preschooler (who LOVES all dresses)

 I just took up the shoulders and then shirred (like the Shirred Pillowcase dress – see that for more instructions) the waist by sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin.  The waist was easy because I could just use the stripes as a guide, so they’re pretty straight.  And remember, when sewing with elastic thread – shoot it with steam when you’re done, and the thread will magically shrink and gather even more – it’s amazing!  Here’s an upclose of the shirring:

And since this shirt/dress was made on the bias and has long drapey sides, it makes for a great twirl factor!

 With the extra shoulder fabric that I cut off when I brought the straps in, I rolled a few fabric flowers – every dress needs a coordinating hair accessory!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Very cute, and I have to admit that I like this look better. I am always drawn to pieces that are a little too young for me…maybe I don’t realize how old I am (31!). Sometimes when I get home with something my teacher husband will say…”That’s what the girls are wearing at the high school.” In other words, take it back! ;)

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    Whew! I saw this post this morning, and when I went to bookmark it, it was gone! I’m relieved to see it back. :)

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