April 28, 2011

Sponsor Spot Giveaway and Birdnest Pendant

Want to win a sponsor spot on my sidebar?? Keep reading.....

I just have to show this off to you - - remember I told you about WhoopdWhoop - it's kind of like Etsy, but you trade for points so you don't use money.  You can get points just for listing items, etc - - once you earn enough, you can "buy" things.  Anyways, look at this cute cute cute Bird's Nest Pendant I got - I LOVE it!

Grace makes these for only 2 whoops - that's a steal!  Plus she was very accommodating and made mine with 4 eggs (for my 4 kids) instead of the standard 3.  The item link is here. Anyways, go HERE to start an account and get in on all the fun (so far I've gotten this pendant, a bracelet, earrings, hairties, a broach, a crocheted owl hat, etc....)

In other news, a grand shout-out to those who comment the most on my blog - - I love hearing from everyone!!


And, since it's the end of the month, let's do a giveaway for a Sponsor Spot Swap for the month of May - I put your button on my sidebar, you put my button on yours.  It'll be a quick giveaway - I'll draw a winner tomorrow evening sometime.... just leave a comment to enter - good luck!!


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17 Fabulous Comments:

What a great system. Kinda like bartering? I would love to win a sponsor spot!

Oooh! I'll enter! I love your site (and am one of the silent lurkers who hardly ever comments . . . shame on me)!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Oh very Cute! I would love that necklace, so cute, and would show the 3 of us in the family! 2 of us and 1 angel!

That necklace is tooo cute! I would think a lucky star fell on my head if I won this!

This is a great idea! Love that nest necklace too!

A sponsor button swap is such a great idea! I love it

This is seriously cool. I just signed up for an account.

Count me in on the giveaway! And look at my big mouth on your top commenters again! :)

I'm throwing my hat in the ring...and not just because I'd like SOMEONE to use the fabulous button I made, but because you're someone I'd actually WANT to share with my readers.

All three of them. :P

BTW, did you get the link to the YouTube of Miss *a* singing the Sugar Bee song?

I had seen that necklace on Etsy. A friend online just ordered one not long ago. Off to check out Whoopdwhoop and hope for a sponsor spot!

The timing would be amazing if I won - I'm hosting my first competition on my little blog right now! A Jennuine Life

Sounds fun! I'd trade buttons with you! :)

Love your necklace...I swapped Grace for one, too. She put 5 eggs in mine for my 5 kiddos. Love it! :) Whoopdwhoop is so much fun.

I would love to do a sponser swap. :)


That necklace is so cute! Would love to win the button swap =)

LOVE that necklace! So cool she did four eggs for you!

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