WIWW – as always, need your input

Here we go again – – I just realized that I wore my jeans cuffed alot – I heard ankles were “in” so I guess I can’t get that out of my mind.  Anyways, sometimes I think I’ve got this fashion thing down, like here:

I was ready to get rid of this shirt but you all talked me into keeping it (see that post HERE) – and a bunch of you suggested a belt – sure enough, upon closer inspection, there are belt loops – who knew! (well, you did).  But then I didn’t know what belt – I know that turquoise and orange are a good color combo lately, so I used a long orange necklace I have as a belt – on the other side are lots of circles in the necklace/belt – I think it worked.

So other times I think my fashion is just so-so – I thought this look was alright:
those sleeves are kind of weird to me, but I guess they add interest

At least I’m not reverting completely to past times in my fashion life, like this Easter Dress from a few years ago – who said this fit?!?  Look, I dug out an Easter 2004 picture just for you – don’t know what’s worse, the dress or the hair……

As always, I need your input – I bought this shirt at a garage sale and really like the detail around the neck.  But the shirt is kind of flowy-ish without much shape to it – so what do I do? I tried tying a belt on, but the shirt seems too short to do that.  Thoughts?  I wore it with the belt, but while I was out I wore a jacket the whole time, so if I was a fashion fauxpa, no one knew it….

(oh, and are you noticing my daughter hamming it up in the background for ya??)

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I HAVE that yardsale shirt! I got it new years and years ago but still wear it all the time. I wear it tucked into higher waisted skirts, usually with brightly colored tights and a long necklace. I’ve seen a lot of actually fashionable people wear blousy/peasanty shirts that way, so I copied them. I wore it to paris and was told I looked tre parisian, so I guess it worked :)

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    I am a new follower. With the last outfit, I like it better without the belt. I think as long as you keep the jeans tight/skinny or wear legging the shirt would be great. A cropped, fitted jacket would be cute in cooler weather. Don’t be afraid to wear a flowy shirt as long as the bottoms are fitted.

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    Ensemble #1: The lacy top; this looks a little too busy. Too much going on. I think it may just be the earrings though. :/

    Ensemble #2: the “weird” sleeves; this is totally adorable! If anything is weird here, it may be that belt. It isnt’ quite working for me. Perhaps try a skinny patent leather belt with this top next time?

    Ensemble #3: the new garage sale top; I actually like it better without the belt, but if you feel it’s too loose to wear this way, maybe try one of those wide, elastic belts that sits above the waist, at the bottom of your ribcage.

    Also, that green Easter dress should be refashioned into something that DOES fit you! Maybe a little, sleeveless shift dress?

    Good luck!

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    I like that last shirt, too. I’d be inclined to wear it un-belted with skinnies. Perhaps try tucking it with a high waist pant or skirt? Otherwise I think its fine as is.

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    With the last shirt I recommend trying it with a stretchy/elastic type of belt that is worn higher up, to give it more of an empire waistline.

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    Haha, I have to laugh at the dress a little-it is HUGE on you! I love the last shirt-very cute. I would wear it without the belt and a 3/4 sleeve cardi, or just without the belt-I think it’s cute. And maybe try flats with that outfit??? You are doing a great job Mandi-LOVED the other 2 outfits as well!

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    3 things, take the orange earrings off with the lacy top. Second, either where a different belt higher up on your waste or non at all with the last top. Also, I think you should refashion that dress into a feminine/romantic ruffle top or skirt:) You can do it, I have seen your skills!

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    im stopping by from the pleated poppy… and wanted to give my input… i love cuffed jeans. and i love that top… although i would try it with a skinny belt a little higher… black or even a bright color. i dont think the shirt is too short at all. another option is tucking it in as someone else suggested. i think it would look great with a high waisted skirt.

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    Mandy You always look fabulous! but I have to admit that the Easter dress was way too big and long for you. The color was not my fav for you either. But I can see you repurposing that dress if you still have it. I really like your hair now with this cut. Way cute. Also I loved the lacy top and the last top. I like them with or without the belts. You have such a little waist that wearing the belts really shows your figure off. I also think that flats would work with those skinny jeans. I think you look great with the cuffed skinny jeans. :)

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    I love the second outfit (those wedges look great!)
    With the flowy shirt – if you don’t like the looseness, especially since the shoulders fit so well, it would probably be really easy to take in the sides a little by sewing in new seams. You could even make it more fitted by sewing in seams that fit the curve of your body more than straight seams.

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    Great outfits! I love the lace top with the belt. I also like that you have cuffed your jeans! Just roll with it. It looks great on you! I do like the top with the black belt…I understand about it not having any shape I run into that too. You self tailored it nicely by just adding the belt!

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    you did great this week!!
    Get rid of the old easter dress, ugly!!!
    The last outfit was cute without belt, but try it with a cute pair of sandles or wedges(bright colored ones would be cute). I didn’t care for the heels with this outfit.

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