WIWW – denim shirt??

First, my progress:  new cardigan, fabric flower necklace (which keep selling out of my shop – hope to get some more in there soon for you), dark flats:

Next, my past:  remember when velour suits were in??  I have – er, had –  several.  And even less fabulous, a plain ole sweatsuit – I told Kate, “can you believe I used to wear this all the time” and she said “you mean, OUT?!?” – uh, yeah, out!

Now, back to the task at hand – -

I hear that denim shirts are all the rage – I got one on clearance at Walmart (miley cyrus) for $1 – for that price, I can jump on the fashion bandwagon.  But I’m not sure how to wear it – – first, I paired it with my trouser jeans – but that day I showed up and Kate was wearing her trouser jeans and I felt like it was a line-up on how to wear them to make you look tall and how to wear them to make you look short.  Do you think the jean shirt untucked with the trouser jeans is making me look short??

So I tried again – I got this goldish belt at a thrift store for $1 – I buttoned the denim shirt so it’s so open, and I wore it with regular jeans. (sorry about the bad pic – – I blame it on my kids)

So – any hints for wearing a denim shirt??  Are they really in style or was the $1 price tag a hint that no one is wearing them? I have a hard time getting past the fact that the denim in the shirt doesn’t match the denim in the jeans.  Thoughts?!?

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I just found your site…I *think* from the girl creative. Anyways..I totally hear ya on the denim shirt thing. I have always avoided them b/c of the whole “matching” issue. lol! HOWEVER…you appear to be RocKIng it! I love it with that brown/gold belt!

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    Second way is sooooo much better. You should try it with a pencil skirt or something else more “slim fitting” since the shirt out creates volume. You could always try it with a floral skirt too for a bohemian look. Great risks! Good job.

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    I had to giggle when I saw your velour suit. My mom-a lovely, sensible, somewhat fashionable person-once referred to them as “classy.” So if you want to wear them out, just know someone out there would think you were looking good :)

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    I like the 2nd way you wore it much better…however here’s an idea…if I wear a denim shirt or jacket I wear white, khaki or tan pants. I just have a hard time wearing all denim and I like the contrast the denim has especially when I wear white on the bottom. Just my 2 cents. (Oh and BTW I have bought a few pieces of the Miley Cyrus line @ Walmart also on clearance…it’s just too hard to pass up a bargain!)

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    I love your top outfit, especially with your necklace ;)

    And as for the denim shirt, I think it looks better in the second picture (buttoned with the leather belt). But I also agree that I have a really hard time with denim colors that don’t match. Maybe it’s just me (and you!) but I can’t get past it.

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    No advice on the denim shirt since I think it looks cute either way, but I think it’s just standing next to Kate that makes you look short, not the jeans. :)

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    Definitely buttoned is the way to go on the denim shirt. Also, have you tried wearing it under something like a pale colored cardigan with white or khaki pants?

    Also, I’m loving those dark flats in the first picture, too cute!

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    I’m not sure if it’s quite fair to ask if the shirt makes you look short when you’re standing closer to the camera than Kate. ;-) I thought you looked pretty classy both ways, but I definitely hear you about the longer shirts and looking short. I can’t decide either and personally I keep avoiding them.

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    From what i’ve been seeing you want to avoid matching the denims!!! Go lighter on top w/ a dark wash on bottom… Or the other way around…i dont think they make you look short! I like how you break it up with the belt!!

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    You are a tiny lady now that I have your friend for scale! By the way, you look terrific in the denims and don’t match them because then you’ll look like you’re in a denim lesiure suite. A look not to be desired. I belt everything but I love that your shirt is unbuttoned right to the belt and then underneath. Creats such a clean line. I will be copying this look.

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    Hmmmm I think the problem that you’re running into is that the shirt you’re wearing is denim….. whereas those other shirts that we’re seeing all over pinterest and other fashion blogs, are chambray

    this post gives a good explanation of the difference:

    I had no idea until i just looked it up for myself…a couple days ago!! I hope that helps!! and no, your outfit does not make you look short! :)

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