May 18, 2011

Always and Forever

-10 years ago today-

side note - we have no good wedding pictures, except for this one of us coming out of the temple - it was taken by my roommate with a disposable camera - so glad she caught the moment, it's way better than any of our posed shots - thanks Aimee!!


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Congrats on 10 years, that's awesome! And you're right, that is a really good picture. So sweet!

no fetching way that is you! I never would have guessed. maybe I am used to you with bangs! love your dress! and congrats!

Congratulations and Happy Anni!

Congratulations! My favourite wedding shot was taken by a friend too! Way better than all the professional ones.

Congratulations! Our 10 year anniversary is tomorrow. You picked a good time to get married!!!

Congrats on 10 years -- may you have at least 80 more. We have 23 and I only had friend's taking pics -- oh, well :) Joni

Congratulations!! So what's the story behind only one good wedding pic?

Congrats!! Now you have to show one of the bad ones! ;)

YAY! Congratulations! None of our (paid for) pictures turned out either. The ones that did were all from family and friend's cameras. What temple? We were married in the Boise, ID temple

Happy Anniversary and congrats on 10 years! I just celebrated 5 years 2 weeks ago! That picture is gorgeous!!!


Cute! Happy anniversary! We'll celebrate 9 years later this summer.

Awww! So cute! Happy 10!!!

Love it! We don't have any good wedding pictures either... :( Happy Anniversary!


That is a great shot, you look gorgeous! Congratulations on 10 years!

Happy Anniversary. Hope you're enjoying your trip!

Happy Anniversary, you two!

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Hope we're as happy in 10 years from June 18th! :)

Happy 10th anniversary! Great photo! We're celebrating our 15th in June! :)

Happy anniversary! Great pic!

Congratulations! We celebrate our 10 year anniversary in June. We also don't have many pictures either. Our photographer dropped her camera and none of them turned out. :(

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