Circle Skirt

I have had a “circle skirt” on my to-do list for-ev-er!!  I finally made one and let me tell you – easiest. skirt. ever.  Really!!  Why didn’t I crank these out sooner??  I used the tutorial at MADE and she tells you how to figure out dimensions, etc.  Basically you cut a giant donut shape out of fabric.

I made mine even faster – I didn’t serge or do anything to the waist – I just sewed it right on to the elastic.  And then I just serged the bottom – no hemming.  Seriously, 10 minutes max.

 First I made it for the Summer School Outfit Fail, pictured on the left.   Once I switched out the shirt for one more plain and form-fitting, the skirt looked so much better, pictured on the right – see:

Doesn’t it look great?!?  Now THIS is a Summer School Outfit! I love the rolled flower I added (yep, just hot-glued it on) to the waistband.

Well then my preschooler declared she wanted one – – so I just said, “let’s do it” and cranked another one out.  LOVE projects like that!!

Her’s looks super cute too:

And let me tell you, these Circle Skirts have some serious twirl-ability – that’s the best part!!

Now, to find some 60 in. wide fabric and make myself one……

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    These are super cute and I love that both girls have a least one pose like mum’s ‘what I wore’ pics! They’ve obviously been picking up tips! X

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    It has been on my list as well and you have just convinced me to make one tonight after the kiddies are in bed. But I think I will make one for me!!!!

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    SO cute! I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday next month (not a serger though since I have no clue how to sew!) but I just put this on my ‘to make’ list! Seems simple enough! ( I say that now, lol. Wait till I try it though!)


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