Ya know when your kids come from school with plants they’ve planted, and of course, they never grow.  Ever.  Well, at a cub scout activity, they planted tomato seeds.  Once again, I thought, more dirt cups full of disappointment.  But look what’s thriving in my kitchen window:

Who knew!!

And speaking of things growing, look what we got out of our garden last week – wahoo!!  What a way to kick things off – yum!

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    Too Funny! I have those plant cups around too. We actually had a Father’s Day one survive and thrive at my husbands office (where it is totally neglected and ignored!)

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    My son brought home some cucumber “plants” a few weeks ago. I too assumed that they would end up being just like all the “plants” from years prior, but nope…there are two plants poking through the dirt. They are now about an inch tall! So excited! :)

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