I {heart} Michaels

I’m rambling today because I’m busy getting ready for girls camp…. but it’s a good rambling, because it’s about Michaels….

I wish I had a fabric store in the town I live in, but I don’t :(

But I can’t complain too much because we do have a Michael’s – wahoo!

I love browsing the crafty goodness. Things I have bought:
cookie cutters
fancy paper
kids’ toys
jewelry stuff
fake flowers
and on and on and on…..

And you know I love a good bargain :)

So of course my favorite thing is to combine the two.  I love using my 40% off coupon to grab supplies.  Often I’ll buy one thing with a coupon, and come back the next day so I can buy another thing with a coupon, and so on…

True story, the other day my mom was asking everyone “who has a Michael’s coupon?!?” cause she needed to run over there.  And then today I had to run home and print of a coupon before I headed to Michael’s.  Don’t be like us – – be prepared!  Just have a “just-in-case” coupon ready and waiting with you….

You might have noticed that I’m running Michael’s ads – I love that my ads are for things that I love and use.  So make sure you click and grab a coupon or two, and head on down to Micahels and see what you can get for a bargain!

Anyways, let’s see what I’ve got sitting here right now:

Have I mentioned I’m in charge of crafts for our Stake Girls Camp at church?!?  It’s next week!  Of course, I’m still gathering supplies….

And then while I’m there, I ran over to the cake-decorating section because I’ve been wanting to make “flood” iced cookies for a while (like THIS – aren’t they cute?!?!) and can’t find this stuff at good ole Walmart.

Hope you’re having a great Thursday –

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I used to work at a Michaels and honestly still love the store. How could you not with all the fun stuff there? You know they take competitors coupons too. Joanns, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby.

    Have fun with all your new goodies!


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    I also live an hour from a Michael’s. I know that when I go there will be long, long lines waiting at the checkout. So if I only need one thing, it’s just not worth it. Several things, that’s a different story. What I can’t get over is how much STUFF they have and how everyone in the county seems to need it. :-)

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    I agree, I wish we had a nice fabric store a bit closer (not that Jo-Anns is *that* far, but it is a pain to get to), but having Michaels close is nice!

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    I have a serious addiction to Michaels. I am there far too often. I used to always print off several coupons because I would usually use them, and I always wanted to be prepared. Thankfully all of that has changed though because I just got a new phone with internet and they now accept the coupons straight from my phone. No more printing involved! I love it.

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    Hey just a tip Michael’s when you get to Michael’s you can go on a web enabled phone and Bing in date Michael’s coupons and they can scan them in the store from your phone or they will honor it even if they cant scan all you have to do is show its in date :) I adore Michael’s and when i found this out it gave me one more reason to love them :) I don’t have to worry about forgetting my coupons ever again. Although losing my phone would be very bad lol

    Hey check out my blog http://thesparrowsend.blogspot.com/

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