Monogram Mirror

Monogram Mirror – – do you just love it? I do!  And I have a tutorial to show you how I made mine – it’s really doable, and makes a great art piece for home decor.

Side note – – let me tell, it’s hard to take a picture of a mirror and show how fabulous it is.  Just know, it’s fabulous in person!!

how to make your own diy monogram mirror

I have to admit, the monogram was my husband’s idea – isn’t he a genius?!?   I really love it (but maybe I have a thing for monogram wall art,see HERE).

I originally thought I was going to put this on the mantel in my family room, but I just wasn’t loving it there.  So I hoisted to the big void of empty wall in my vaulted-ceiling kitchen, and it’s perfect up there – adds light and shine up high.


Let me show you how I made this.

Supply list:
–liquid nail (or hot glue? – I think it would work)
–grout (and application tools – sponge, spreader-thing, bucket)
–gloves – a must!

First grab a mirror (or two) and remove the frame.  I found these when I was cleaning out my storage room – score!

Put the mirror in a trash sack. Then break the mirrors – this is tougher than you think!  I tried dropping them – several times! – nothing.  Then I whacked it several times with a hammer – again, nothing!  I guess I’m some kind of wimp.  Finally I really hit it hard with a crowbar – that did it!

Safety note – – I normally let my kids help with my project, but this is not one for kids!  And be sure to wear gloves yourself – mirror shards are sharp!

Next draw your monogram in the middle of your board.  Can you see it in the picture below?  Then fill it in with smaller shards.  I glued down my mirror pieces with Liquid Nail, but I’m thinking a glue gun would work too.  Then after you fill in the letter, leave a generous space around it so it will stand out.

After you’ve done the monogram area, place all your large pieces.  Then after they’re secured you fill in with smaller pieces.  It’s like a puzzle, searching for the right-shaped pieces to fill the right spots.

Now comes the grout – don’t be afraid – I did this and I’m no pro!  I used black grout we happened to have from some other project.  You can follow the directions on the bag, but I just added water until it stirred like thick pudding.  Then smooth it onto your mirror.  (Pretty proud of this picture – since I wasn’t letting my kids help, who are my normal photographers, I set the timer and then ran and posed)

All grouted – then you let it dry a little while and wipe the top with a sponge to get rid of the excess gunk.  then later you clean the mirror with glass cleaner.

I love it in my kitchen.  I only stenciled 2 walls (see that HERE) so that other wall needs something.  I want 3 big vases, but I’m cheap so I haven’t gotten them yet.  This mirror is perfect.

Did I mention I made this for free??  Since all the stuff was just found around my house – love that!

Can’t wait to see if any of you out there make one for yourself – let me know!

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    This is sooo flipping GREAT, yes I will give you lots of votes!!! I am really liking your blog bunches Mandy. I want to do this for my home! Yippee and thank you for great gift ideas!!! OMG!

  2. says

    That is a very impressive mirror! I can’t believe you were grouting and smashing glass with a crowbar. I’m amazed. I’m not sure I have that in me.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading Link Up!

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    This is so stinking awesome! I’m in awe of your glass smashing and grouting! Never seen anything like this before and I truly love it! It looks great in your kitchen. If I get my nerve up I just might try this! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Saw you at Mommas Kinda Crafty

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    I seriously want to do this! And I like the pic of it in the garden, I wonder how long it would hold up as a garden decoration? hmmmmm…

    glad to have found you via Serenity Now!! :)

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    Lovely idea – and I really appreciate the thoroughness of your teaching. So many times when I have tried to do crafts I have been stymied by not knowing how to do one step or another.

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