Photo Glimpses – belated Mother’s Day

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Now, I’ve been doing photo glimpses, but today I thought I’d share some stuff from my kids – – my preschooler, with a Mother’s Day rendition.

 And just in case you think it’s belated, I guess that’s how we roll – – the other day my son, in a classic boy move, dug something out of his backpack and said “oh yeah, this was for Mother’s Day” – pretty fun.  But I had to share his card because he must appreciate my craftiness – – here ya go:

M-Marvelous at crafting and sewing
O-or should I say, the best!
T-The red in her hair is stunning
H-How could I forget her cooking.
E-Each day she is loving.
R- Remembering you’re the best

Not to leave my kindergartener out, so drew a really sweet card and actually delivered it on Mother’s Day.

And because every post needs a picture – – the best thing about end-of-the-year school programs – chances to celebrate that child with ice cream! (like we need a reason?!?)

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