Photo Tips with Lizzie – Capturing Candid Photos

Lizzie’s back with us today – wahoo!

Hello!  I am Lizzie from The Dancing Toad Blog and owner of Dancing Toad Photography and I am so excited to be posting here today!  I was thrilled when the fabulous Mandy asked me to start this series on the Sugar Bee Crafts blog! 

We all love candid photos but sometimes capturing them can be a little tricky.
In order to capture good candid shots, as the photographer, sometimes you need to encourage your subjects to relax and just be themselves so you can capture the perfect candid picture.

Of course, your best option would be to just let your subject relax and do their thing, that way they are completely being themselves.
Unfortunately, it’s not always quite that easy.
Oftentimes, your subject may not feel comfortable enough doing their own thing and may need guidance; in this case you may need to create your candid shot by giving your subjects some ideas of things they can do. 
Show love and affection…

 Run and/or play…


I challenge you all to go out and take some candid shots.  Refrain from having your subjects just look and smile at the camera.
Mix it up!
Have some fun with it!
Visit my blog for more examples or if you want to share some of your pictures!
Thanks Lizzie!! Candid Shots are my FAVORITE!!

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    I am taking pics for the very first time of a beauty pageant at our local elem school. Any tips for posing them other than the standard pretty feet pose? The moms will want the full view of their dresses but I plan to take a couple of close ups. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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