Quick and Easy (and Fabulous!) Necklace by A Girl and A Glue Gun

super duper excited to be here at sugar bee! I love mandy–and if you are reading this you are probably  in love with her too.. for reals. .

so I had NO clue what to make today. something sugar bee worthy.

and nothing came up

so I got out my glue gun and made something agaagg worthy. (which means it’s held together with glue and super fast)

goly gee. i’m on such a necklace kick lately. makes me laugh how i just get obsessed with one thing..but to date this gray one is my fav! and it’s super duper easy to make!
things needed….hot glue…material….beads…a  pin if so desire.

(I have TONS of old beads from my daughters dress up…I just snip them off and use them!)

I just took a strip of this guazy material…

hot glue the bead in wrap the gauze around it and tie a knot on either side

the flower:

took a strip and hot glue it in half

and just add a strip of hot glue and gather as you go.

the flower is two rows of fabric gathered up….with a bead covered in fabric and hot glued on

i added some gray tulle to the back and attached a pin so it can be removed and used by itself

(you don’t have to add the pin..you can just hot glue it right to the necklace
you can see that I spaced out my beads…that big strip of unbeaded fabric is where it goes around my neck.

after the necklace was done i just tied the ends together…(see at the right?)

and that is where I pinned my flower brooch on.

and ttthhhat’s all folks.

took about 10 min.

some of my other easy necklaces:

you can go HERE to see the howtos.

come hang out anytime!

black tie only.

oh..who am I kidding. i’m literally wearing my pjs as I write this.
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  1. says

    Really cool. Simple and fast!
    Just a question…
    where you “took a strip and hot glue it in half” then “just add a strip of hot glue and gather as you go” So you mean squeeze the hot glue in a strip all the way down the length of the material and then roll-twist or just tack it as you twist? That’s the only thing I got confused on. It would be awful to mess it up. Just wondering, oh! And comment love :D

  2. says

    This is adorable! Definitely going to try this one…with three girlies, you KNOW I have a million of those dumb Mardi Gras bead necklaces everywhere. lol ;)


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