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So, want to see what I made recently??  I had this whole vision in my head for a Summer School Outfit – summer school here is like Summer Camp and my daughter can’t wait to go and learn about inventing, cheerleading, drama, arts and crafts, etc.  So I thought I’d made a Circle Skirt and Shirt to go with it.

Well, the combo was a Project Fail – – there’s just something about this whole getup that’s not jiving with me:

 I used the pink and turquoise heat transfer from the colors in the skirt, but it still didn’t “flow” so I added those ruffles around the sleeves to incorporate the skirt fabric, but they were weird.  I also added some rosettes of the fabric on top of the heat transfer, but I liked them.  I think the main problem was that the shirt was too floofy to go with the skirt.

So I told my daughter it wasn’t a set after all and that the shirt goes with jean shorts instead.  Much better, right?!?  I took off the weird ruffles and now I love it.  I love the heat transfer and how easy it is to personalize things!!

To make this, I cut all the turquoise flowers and then all the pink ones – – I had them positioned really close on the sheet so as not to waste any.  Then I cut them all apart and positioned them on the shirt where I wanted them – it’s that easy!
Stay Tuned to see the new look with the Circle Skirt….later this afternoon….

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    I think the first outfit looked fine, but I know how that is when you have something pictured in your mind and it just doesn’t turn out as planned. The flowers on the shirt are nice and summery. =)

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