May 6, 2011

Trash to Treasure Patio Chairs

I'm in the American Crafter Competition over at Naptime Crafters - - here's my entry, fingers crossed!

When I heard the theme for this week, "Trash to Treasure" , I knew just the thing - -chairs I saved from the trash!  My mom was cleaning out my grandpa's yard and said these needed to go - the chairs were trash-bound, but I knew they had potential!!  Several coats of rust-covering primer, white paint, and sealer, and they have a whole new life.  The memory foam for the chairs was from an old mattress topper - I knew saving it would come in handy!  The back is painted with a simple design that mimics the outdoor fabric I used when I sewed the cushions.  LOVE Trash to Treasure - thanks for the great theme!

The rust was pretty prevailing, but the primer spray did a great job coating it.  
 Trevor's awesome and used his engineering skills to do the back of the chair.  Here you can see one of the chairs taped and ready for paint:

I thought they turned out great - - - hopefully others will think so too so I can move on a round in the competition....(feel free to head over and vote! update: voting starts at 4pm today)


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I love them! I never would have thought that they looked so bad before. Great job!

Awesome! I LOVE them! I am going to vote right now :)

Great post! This is the perfect inspiration for me to get those chairs out and get busy. I've procrastinated too long. Nice job! :-)

Looks great! I especially love the fabric! I also purchased some to make our headboard.

I'm stopping by from Boost My Blog Friday. I am going to head over and vote for you because this is a really great project!
I accidentally scrolled down too far and posted this on the wrong post, so I deleited it and put it on the correct one. :)

best wishes! stopping by from Friday Blog Hop. If you have a chance please visit

This is such a great transformation! I don't know if I could have looked past all that rust - but I'm glad you did! The colors are really great too!

~ ~

You did a great job on the chairs. And how clever of you to mimic the design of the fabric on the back of the chairs.

I'm impressed! Cool that you matched the back to the fabric!!! I have some from my in laws that I want to redo! Did you have to sand them at all or scrape off any of the old paint?? Or did you just cover them with the primer and it worked???

looks great good work I especially like the color

I like the fabric you chose, it really make those chairs look great!

I LOVE these. I voted for them in the American Crafter competition! :) Thank you for linking them!

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These chairs look great. I want to do something like this but I think I would use greys anatomy scrubs to make the cushions because my wife and I would really think that's neat. Thanks for your post!

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