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Hello Sugar Bee readers!  I’m Adrianna and I blog over at Crafterhours with my super co-blogger Susan.  I am so excited and honored to be here today.  I’ve been a long-time fan of Mandy and all her amazing work, so I’m definitely a little bit star struck to be here.  I hope I don’t forget my lines.
Our blog name is Crafterhours because we try to do our crafting afterhours when the kids are asleep.  Try.  It doesn’t always work out.  But I’m here today with a true crafterhours project for you.  It’s so simple, you can start it as soon as they nod off and finish it before you collapse into a worthless pile of exhaustion yourself.  And it requires little to no brain power either.
I wanted to make a little wall display to celebrate the places we’ve lived and visited over the years, so I decided to make a fabric silhouette of each country or state on it’s own canvas.  
You’ll need:
Some cheap 8×8 canvas frames 
fabric scraps
fusible interfacing
a silhouette machine.  You can use scissors, but it’s going to require a little more brain power.
First do a google search for your state or country of choice.  When the results pop up, click on “images”, then click on “line drawing” on the left sidebar.  This should give you a clear silhouette image of your desired location.  You might have to alter your search terms to say “map of”, or “silhouette of” if you don’t get a good image the first time.

Next, transfer that image to your silhouette and trace it, or print it out.  Make sure the image size will fit nicely on your canvas.  If you have a silhouette, iron one side of the fusible interfacing to your fabric and then cut out the image.  If not, trace the image onto your fusible interfacing, then fuse it to your fabric and cut it out.
After that, you just have to peel the other side of the interfacing off and iron it onto the canvas.  If you’d like, you can cut out a small dot or heart or star or whatever pleases your fancy to mark a specific city.
Then I used silhouette vinyl to cut out the name of my state and countries and stuck that on the bottom.  Again, if you don’t have a silhouette, you could cut this out of fabric or even just write it on with permanent marker.
If you have a lot of islands though, I highly suggest using your silhouette or becoming friends with someone who has one.
Then hang them all on the wall and admire the places you’ve been!
Now go plan a vacation so you can make some more :)
Thank you so much for having me Mandy!

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    That’s such a great idea! I was looking for map art for my office, and I really wanted maps of the places we’ve been… but none of the maps were matching my decor! With this idea, I can match it perfectly! You rock!

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