WIWW – dress leggings?

Did you miss me and What I Wore Wednesday last week??  Well, don’t worry, here I am with yet another pressing question for you – – but first, check out my new rainboots:

Yes, I made a whole outfit based off the boots.  I will be headed to youth Girl’s Camp and to Cub Scout Day Camp (I must enjoy torture!) and I heard rumors that it’s always a muddy mess and to bring rain boots.  What?!?  I didn’t have rainboots – – perfect reason to splurge.  I wandered Walmart and Target and grabbed some plain ones for $22, thinking I could embellish them, but I didn’t love them.  Then I browsed online and found some I loved on clearance at Target.com – of course, not in my size.  But I grabbed these even though I thought they were semi-ugly – cause they were only $7 and they came in my size.  And in person, turns out I love them – score!

Anyways, you can see them in a video ON THIS POST  – – and speaking of that, can you please vote for me to Win a Ticket To SNAP – just click the star under #22 – it’ll just take a second – – thanks!

Moving on, another outfit I thought was pretty good.  During these past few months I’ve really learned about layering and mixing colors through layering.  I am a clean fashion slate when it comes to summer – without layering, what do you do!?!?  I know my capris are kind of mom-ish, but they sure are comfy….

Now, for the call on your opinions today  – – I bought a cute dress at a garage sale for $2, but it’s too short and I don’t do the sleeveless thing – can I still wear it?  I bought some capri leggings at target to go with it.  First I wore it with a short-sleeved cardigan:

But I didn’t know – too much black? should it be a white cardigan? or colored?

So then I wore it with a black shirt under it with nothing over it – so you could see the ruffle on the neckline.  I added a skinny belt for shape (someone the other week commented on how sashes are out, belts are in – good to know!).  Oh, and I’m holding my camera bag that I splurged on a little while ago – I still love it and take it everywhere.

I wasn’t sure about this look either – it’s definitely a little out of my comfort zone.

So I wore this second look to a birthday party for my grandpa.  I look over and see my cousin’s girlfriend, and she’s rockin’ the dress-with-leggings look too – of course a picture was needed (I’m sure she thinks that was weird – oh well!).  I feel like it’s a “who wore it best”, and I’m thinking it’s her…. do I need longer leggings?  Maybe mine is all-around too wild?

Alright, let’s hear it – – ideas on what to do with summer dresses?? Leggings – Go with it?  Get rid of it?  This kind of reminds me of when I kicked off my WIWW feature with that controversial dress with jeans….

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    Your leggings are the right length for you. The cousin’s girlfriend’s leggings are too long & make her look really short. The dress is busy & I would suggest trying it by itself.(doesn’t look to short & you have the shape to rock it) Maybe with a pair of wedge sandals…something with a bit of a heel. Lookin’ good Girl!

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    I think your leggings are the perfect length for you. The dress looks great with the shirt, belt and leggings. I think it’s too much if you wear the cardigan. Also, I don’t think your jeans are mom jeans. They’re super cute and I’d like a pair.

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    Oh my goodnes I definitely think you should check out A Slip Shop on Etsy. They have the cutest slips and they add a little length to those too-short-for-modesty dresses. It could totally help your dress dilemma.

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    I think the summer outfit is perfect in concept, but I really do think it’s too much black for such a cheery dress. Could you find a coordinating tee to go underneath? Is the dress such that you could sew a bright solid ruffle to the bottom and a ruffled flutter sleeve in the same fabric to each arm? I love the first two outfits – and the rain boots are amazing. :)

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    I’m a generation ahead of you, so I’m really not one to be voicing my opinion on this…BUT, I do like the black Under the dress, rather than over. I just think it’s visually more appealing.

    And I love your (mud) rain boots! This time of year I live in mud boots. I can see that I need to get some pretty ones!! :-)

  6. says

    Personally, I love the leggings. The length is perfect. I am unsure about the top underneath. I somewhat like the idea of the black since the leggings are black but something about it seems a bit off – perhaps the styling/fit of the shirt… but that being said, I still think it looks cute! If you did ear it with the shrug, I would wear it not buttoned.

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    The dress looks super cute with the shirt underneath and the belt. I think the length of your leggings looks good when you wear them mid-calf (like in the picture with the dress and the cardigan). Very cute!

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    I am not down with leggings. Save the dress for winter and wear it with tights and cute flat/s or black boots. The skinny belt does look good.

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    I’m a supporter of leggings if you aren’t comfortable with the length of a dress, but with that being said… I think the capri leggings don’t go with this dress. It looks like you threw on running capris. I think the ruffle idea would be great if doable. As for the shirt underneath, LOVE it. Cute dress!

  10. says

    I think the leggings are cute and a great way to make the dress more modest. I like it better with the sweater…something about it without makes it look…I don’t know the word…like you’d wear it to yoga or something. (Although it still looks cute!)

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    cute outfits!

    i say a tad bit longer legging,and keep the sweater.

    but absolutely KEEP your bright smile in each picture (a smile is the best accessory to any outfit).

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    I love your rain boots! You’re definitely going to be happy you have them at camp. I got some this winter for wearing in the snow & slush, and I’ve been SO happy to have them lately with all the rain we have.

    I like the leggings, I’m all about them lately. I like the length of yours for summer.

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    I like the leggings but I think you look better with the cardigan but maybe a coordinating color like the color of the necklace. And maybe unbuttoned too.

    If the pattern is what makes you feel out of your comfort zone, the black tones it down and keeps it grounded so it doesn’t seem too wild.

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    You crack me up :-) I love the dress with the tee underneath and the belt–that is so cute on you! For me, I think with the cardigan looks like a tad too much black, but with the black underneath, I think it works great on you!

    And yes, you will SO need the rainboots. I think we got rained out of girls camp EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. And my friends wonder why I only have awful memories from girls camp . . . ;-) But at least you have adorable boots to slog through the mud in!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

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    I have huge objections to leggings on adults…(please don’t be offended)…I feel like when I see adults wearing leggings it’s like they raided their daughter’s closet. I say if you feel it is too short to wear alone, don’t wear it at all…unless you are 13 and under:) But that’s just my opinion:)

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    Ok I love the dress great find, but then again you always score great stuff!!
    I dont like the dress with black cover just didnt look right.
    LOVED it with black under shirt and belt, you totally rocked it, And I think you won in the who wore it best.
    Also loving the hair.
    Can we vote more than once for you like daily are only one time?

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    I don’t like the cardigan with it. And I don’t really like the black leggings and shirt. The dress looks way too summery to pair with the black. Not sure about the length of your leggings, but the girlfriend’s high waisted dress and long leggings look kinda weird to me. It makes her look all out of whack proportionally.

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    First off I LOVE the rainboots! Super cute! The dress is great! I like it best with the shirt under and belted, but I definitely think you can wear it without leggings. It’s not too short at all. It looks great on you! Try a white tee and a brown belt (woven casual style) with it and some wedges or even brown sandals or flip flops. It’s a great dress!

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    I love those cute thrifty finds… But then when you get them home and it’s just not quite long enough! I see your dilemma with the black, but I also really like the collar ruffle details. I think it would definately work with a white or colored top under… Have you ever thought about hemming it into a tunic-length top? I’ve done that with a few of those cute dresses that just didn’t cover everything they needed to, and I’m not brave enough for the leggings myself, but maybe I need to try some?

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    I like the shirt underneath, as well as the legging length. As far as summer goes with the layering question – you can totally keep doing layers, just make them lighter weight and you’ll be good to go! I wear a tank underneath everything all summer long.

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    Chop of a few inches of the dress, hem it, and wear it as a longer shirt. The use some of the now-extra fabric to add some sort of sleeve. I’m not much of a fan of leggings on adults. :)

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    Can I still play? (I just googled a “best capri length leggings for under dress” — long story/personal dilemma. My vote here: capri jeans above. WITH fun colorful dress (sure, cut 6 inches off if you like; try on to see) no shirt underneath and colorful unbuttoned BTWQcropped cardigan on top. BTW: your necklaces are ALWAYS so cute…no I’m off to scour through your blog — hooray! -amy PS: I think the cutest part of cute cousin girlfriend dress is the empire waist and long teal necklace. IF she had YOUR leggings on with it, it would be perfect :)

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