WIWW – a “hat person”?

First off, check out the outfit I wore the other day to church – – I think it was a home run!  I bought these shoes at a garage sale ($1) and had to come up with something to wear them with (just ignore the toes in need of a desperate paint job!):

And then I bought this necklace when I wandered into Charming Charlie’s for the first time – necklace and earrings for $12 total – yes!  You may not know this, but my least favorite color is bright red, and navy is pretty high up on the unlike list, but I’m trying to branch out.  And I really liked this where the colors were paired together:

Now, for today’s WIWW question for you:

You know how you see people wearing hats and they;re a “hat person”.  Well, I’m not a “hat person” – I just think I look silly in them.  But I thought it’d probably because I don’t wear them, so when I do where them I think it’s odd.  And what makes someone a “hat person” anyways – probably just that they’re up for wearing a hat.  So, I bought a hat (and blinged it up) so I could become a “hat person”

But I still feel a little silly wearing it.  So, the question is, do you think I can be a “hat person”??

Side note, I kind of think it makes my ears stick out.
Double side note – you’ve probably noticed by now, but I was born with a cleft lip/palate and have had about a dozen corrective plastic surgeries growing up.  One of those times, when meeting for a consultation with my plastic surgeon, he noticed that my ears kind of stuck out and told my mom “we don’t want the other kids making fun of her when she goes to school – let’s just pin those back while we’re in there”. So when I was in for surgery on my lip (I think I was about 4) I also had my ears pinned back – wahoo!  Here are some pictures from that Easter:

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I love these posts, they’re really inspiring me to wear the things I don’t usually that have been lingering in my wardrobe!

    Firstly, I love those shoes! I too am not a fan of red really but I am a fan of bright shoes….they make the whole world a better place generally I find!

    Secondly, you are rocking that hat, it totally suits you. I love that colour cos it’s such a cool casual colour that you can wear with so many things.

    Also, your ears don’t stick out, in fact I didn’t even notice them and when I read your comment I went back to check the photo and even then didn’t think they stuck out!


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    I don’t think you have to be a “hat person” to wear a hat. I like hats because they are great on bad hair days when you don’t feel like doing your hair just to go to the grocery store and for dressing up an outfit (although I don’t have any of those hats). I’ve told myself for years that I am going to buy a hat to wear to church – I haven’t done it yet. :)

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    U definitely can rock a hat! lol. I’m a hat person too.
    By the way, great look for church. You may not like the colors but you pulled it off well.


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    red and navy are my favorite colors! (along with grey) If you don’t love them, I won’t judge because I hate purple. But you can definitely pull them off. The shoes are super cute. And I have that exact same hat and have always thought that you look way better in it than I do. I wear it exclusively for running-to-preschool-drop-off-without-a-shower mornings, so maybe that’s why I never feel cute in it :) Keep rocking that hat girl!

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    Love the hat!!! And I totally think that you wear it well. I felt awkward the first few times I wore my hat too – but I love it now. Oh, and yay for Charming Charlies!

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    I loved the navy/red/white outfit! Looks great, because the colors you aren’t too fond of are just pops of color, so it’s not so intense.

    And, I have that EXACT hat from Target, and wear it probably 3-4 times a week! Gross, huh? They also have it in black, now, and I plan on getting that, too! I used to think I looked dumb in hats because I have a big head! But actually, I think everyone has potential to be a hat person. It’s just wearing it with confidence!

    You went through a lot as a kid, Mandy. Your pictures were so sweet!

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    Love the outfit, you did a great job. I hate red also ,but it looks like we have the same skin tone, and everyone tells me red looks good on me? I get compliments everytime I wear something red.

    And believe it are not those wedges look good with skinny jeans!!

    You are totally a hat person!

    I didn’t realize you had a cleft palate? So glad everything went ok and you were able to have surgury for it. Your ears do not stick out to bad really not noticable at all.

    Again love the red wedge great choice on those.

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    I have no idea what makes someone a ‘hat person’. I have been told that I am a hat person, but I can’t stand to wear them. I have a big forehead so maybe that has something to do with it? It could also be facial structure, etc.. But honestly, I think if you find a hat you like, be happy to wear it, and you always have something to whack people with if they say something snarky. :D

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    First, LOVE the shoes. What a great find!! Jeans would go well with them too! Second, soooo not a hat person myself. Just can’t seem to pull it off. Thirdly, I am so impressed with you sharing your cleft post surgery photos. My 9 year old was born with a bi-lateral doozy. He has the most amazing self confidence much the same as I see in you. So, my (imaginary) hat’s off to you!

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    You look FABULOUS in that hat! I really love the shirt you have with it too! And yes- HOME RUN on your Sunday outfit! I can’t believe your garage sale score! TOO cute!

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    I love these WIWW posts. It makes me take a look at my closet and see what other fun things I can come up with, rather than just wearing a tshirt and jeans. :)
    I think your hat is very cute. I know what you mean about being a hat person. I have a hat that I don’t wear often because I’m not sure if I like it. I think yours looks great, and I don’t think it makes your ears stick out.
    Thank you for having such a fun blog! I love reading it.

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    I love your hat! Looks great.
    On another note, your photos from age 4 remind me so much of Emmy when she was younger. Super cute!!

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    You always look so cute!! Your sunday dress is very cute red looks fantastic on you.

    The whole hat person thing I don’t get either. I have always been told that I am a hat person. While I do love them and wear them often, I don’t get what makes me a hat person. Other than likeing them. I think you look adoribale in the hat.
    I didn’t notice your ears either. Your easter pick looked sad. Poor little girl.

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    Hey there! I hopped over here from your What I Wore link up :)

    The red, navy and white look is very nautical – good pairings!

    And the hat is cute! But I too, always feel awkward wearing one.

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    LOVE the hat!!!

    And wow about the cleft palate surgery! I’ve always been intrigued by the split lip/cleft. I always wonder why it doesn’t fuse together in the womb…like, what stops it from fusing together.

    I hope that didn’t come across as rude.

    Your ears are so cute! :)


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    I love hats! I wish is was more socially acceptable to wear hats more often! I wanted to go to the royal wedding just so I could wear an amazing hat!

    You can totally pull it off!! Hat wearing is all about attitude, if you’re self concious people will pick up on it, but if you’re just rocking it then no one will think twice!

    Rock on with your bad self!

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    I never would have noticed your cleft lip repair OR your ears if you hadn’t said something! I’m a regular reader and I never even spotted it, so you have had great surgeries! My cousin has a cleft lip and palate and I am a nurse, so I usually do notice these things. Anyway, I am not usually a hat person but I think some of your other commenters were right….if you wear it with confidence or PRETEND to be confident while wearing it, suddenly, you will be a hat person!!

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    Really cute red shoes. I am scared of red shoes myself, but they always look so good on other people. Maybe I should just try it! :)

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    Those shoes were a steal! So cute! And yes, I think you can totally pull off the hat. I have a similar hat that I wear all.the.time. It works as an “everyday” hat because it has a little style (not just a ball cap). It’s so nice to throw on when I haven’t had time to wash my hair ;) Just wear it a few more times and I’ll bet you’ll get hooked!

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    Love your style, it’s so cute. The hat looks great on you. If you wouldn’t have said your not a hat person, I would have guessed you as one!:) I love that style of hat, I want to get one, but didn’t know if I was a hat person or I didn’t know where I would wear it? I love yours, I may just have to get one anyway!

    Take care…Jodi

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    love the hat!!! I thin people become hat people because they wear them!! I wear hats all the time, but it is because my hubs always says how much he loves me in them, so I became brave enough to wear them!!! Keep wearing them, you look adorable.

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    WOW on all those surgeries !I never noticed–you look mah-velous! I’m not a red person myself, but I do love to accent with it here and there. Looks great with your navy blue. Glad you found a love at Charming Charlie’s-love that place!

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    yes i love that hat! so cute & so cute on you!!

    just wanted to say good luck in round 2!-never would have thought to make a project out of broken glass??-clever! (:

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    Just found your blog through your ticker tape tutorial at Living with punks, ( love that by the way )… and stayed browsing through a number of your posts… then to my surprise, this post, where you mention your surgeries for your cleft lip and palate as a child… my son is 7 and has a cleft lip/palate, so I know it must be weird but I feel compelled to leave a comment :) It is great for me as a parent and my son to see someone grown up who has been through all the surgeries and hospital appointments, and become such a confident and happy person… so thankyou for from me for sharing :)

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