WIWW – jewelry yes, SASH question?!

Yes, I need your help in a clothing dilemma again this week, and that’s on down in this post – but I’ve got a little rambling to do first…..

First off, ever heard of Cookie Lee Jewelry?? (the correct answer is “why of course, they’re one of your sponsors, I’ve thoroughly checked out all they have to offer).

Well, Amy of Cookie Lee Jewelry offered to help me find a piece of jewelry for any outfit I presented to her. So I sent these pictures – the shirt is from Downeast, and since it has a lot of interest on the front I am unsure how to accessorize it.

Amy gave me 3 great choices – and I couldn’t decide!  I had her surprise me, and I love what she sent me to review!

Cookie Lee: Fine Fashion Jewelry


Looks great, right?!?  I think it gives the shirt a whole new life!  And guess what – she’ll help anyone find a piece of jewelry to match an outfit – just send her a picture and she’ll send you recommendations. UPDATE: Amy is offering 50% off one item with her before/after help – awesome! The necklace has a real nice weight to it – a mark of quality in my mind.  And most things in her catalog are under $40.  Anyways, I’m way impressed – thanks Amy!!

Second, you’re probably noticing the difference in the before and after pictures – or maybe you’re not.  Anyways, a friend had some hairdye from a stylist aunt sitting around (no picture or box, etc) and you’re not quite sure what you’ll get – – that’s my kind of fun!  Thanks for the hair change Megan!  I really love my blonde highlights, but I’m WAY to cheap to maintain them and hadn’t done so since December, so something had to give.  The new look:

Third, speaking of new, last week several of you mentioned I needed some black flats.  I love when you all tell me what I need – that’s the kind of direction I’m looking for.  With “black flats” on my mind, I grabbed these at a garage sale for $2 and have worn them every day since – hope you approve:

Fourth, Kate got her hair done today – she came over and we realized we have the same do!  Normally I run with shorter hair than her, but since hers was just cut and mine needs cut so it’s a little longer than my norm, they were the same do.  Of course we took a picture (well, several pictures – holding cameras in the mirror takes a few tries!)

NOW, the Question for YOU – – 
I bought this dress at a garage sale for $4 – a little high for me, but I really liked the looks of it.  I wore it with a sash, but wondered if that was the right thing to do.  Do you think it’s better on it’s own, or with that pop of color?  Maybe a belt?  The sash is really just a scarf tied around my waist, so maybe it’s too big?  Oh, and do you think this dress is too short for me?  My kindergartener said as much.

(side note – my toddler always has to run out when I’m getting a picture taken and pose with his hands on his hips – funny)

Oh, and with the turtleneckish thing, I thought I needed an up-do, but my hair’s pretty short.  I ended up reverse flipping a few ponytails – I think it turned out cuter than it pictured here:

So anyways, thoughts on the dress in general? Sash or no sash?  Too short? Pattern to busy??  Let’s here it!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

Thanks for Reading


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    Mandy, thanks so much for letting me send you a necklace and also for bring one of your sponsors! I think the necklace looks great on you! And your hair, great color!!! If anyone else is interested in a before/after with jewelry, I can give 50% off one item. ♥

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    I like the choice of necklace on the top, and as far as the dress goes, yeah, I think that dash of color is a great idea. Of course, the best accessory is that little guy at your side. :-) How CUTE!!

  3. says

    Love your blog…….. Shoes are cute and the necklace very nice. Now to the dress. The fabric is quite busy and worn alone I wouldn’t care for it, however the sash really makes it unique. To change it up from time to time just wear a different color sash and accessories. For a more dressy look black sash, shoes and jewelry would be really a nice look. You go girl!!!!!

  4. says

    I vote for a wider belt and not the sash. The dress is super cute, but does need a little extra oomph. The necklace is ah-dorable and I wish I had scored those cute garage sale shoes! You go…lookin good!

  5. says

    I like a belt. I think maybe a skinny black belt would be great on the dress. Wear it high and it would make you look longer. Great find for $4.

  6. says

    Great find on the dress! I love the pop of color with the sash, but I think it would work better with a pair of flat sandals for a more boho look. I’m not sure the closed heels go with the sash? Maybe some fun tights with the closed heels? Or try a skinny belt.
    And try the sash with some sandals. Very cute :-)

  7. says

    I love the dress! Great style. No, its not too short. Any longer, and I think it would be awkward. As far as the sash goes, I like it. I like the pop of color. I would also experiment with belting it higher.

    I like the dark hair!

  8. says

    Mandy- I like the color pop, but maybe a belt?? I don’t think it’s a short dress- its to your knees… love it.

    Also super cute necklace, on my way to check her out now.


  9. says

    I agree with trying a belt-a little higher on your waist. I think a fat, more elastc type belt would work or a skinny belt…I really don’t know, let’s be real, but in my head it would look good! :)

    Lovin’ the flats by the way!

  10. says

    Love the new hair color on you!! It seems to fit with your fun personality. The necklace looks great with the shirt, too. I also like the new shoes you purchased for a fantastic price…..Score!! And for the dress with the sash….I love it as well!!! Great choice for color. You can wear anything and it look great on your little body. Have a great day!!

  11. says

    Okay, so I love the necklace and the hair!! So vibrant! Black flats are cute! The dress is great and not too short at all. I like it alone but would also try a belt for color and different look. :) Hope you have a great week!

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    First time viewer. I like the blog! :) I also like the firsts necklace with that outfit.. It’s simple and cute.

    Oh and I have those shoes too! :) But mine were more that $2 ;)

    Love them and I too wear them frequently.

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    Way cute dress. The sash does pull it together. I like how someone said a skinny black belt worn a bit higher could be cute.

  14. says

    I think the dress would look great with a colored belt – skinny or medium width. Love the necklace your sponsor sent you!

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    i like the dress a lot and think you could actually wear it a bit shorter! the sash belt is too cumbersome and i agree with the other commenters about a narrow belt worn higher on the body. if you chose a black belt then maybe a large brooch on the shoulder for a pop of color, or go with a colorful belt! thanks for the fun of giving you input!!

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    Love the necklace!! And I realloy like the hair! As for the dress, I think it is super cute but I think the sash is too big for my taste. I would do a colored belt and strappy shoes rather than the closed toe heels.

  17. says

    Love that necklace, it adds just the right pop! What an excellent choice, and the new hair color looks much better on you, you look good with darker hair, and I’m a stylist.
    I think it makes you look alittle younger.
    Flats are a great find good choice, I like your hair longer I dont think you should trim it, but you have to live with it.
    I say No to the sash, the dress is more on the feminine fancy side, htink Jackie O. Pair it with a skinny black belt, and let your earring s be the pop of color. And for some reason those shoes rub me the wrong way, they remind me of some I had in the 90’s, has anyone else mentioned this?
    I would try a cute simple peep toe,, those are more in style right now.

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    First, you are a brave women to dye your hair without knowing what you will get into. You totally lucked out and got a good color for you though.

    I do not think the dress is too short. Since it has so much pattern, I probably would stick to a black belt. A real belt would look better than the scarf. Then maybe just let your accessories like shoes and earrings be the pops of color.

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    LOVE your black flats, so cute! I want some! And I vote no on the sash although I love the color of it. I think it needs a {colorful} wide belt that sits higher up on your waist than the sash.

  20. says

    No its NOT too short – you rock it and anything longer would make you look older than you are. ALSO, yes, I vote for a sash and that color is great but maybe not THAT sash – something a little lighter, thinner, grab a piece of fabric the same length as that scarf and just fold it over and sew to make a tie-belt. Thanks for always having great posts and great link parties!

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    Mandy I am loving the hair! and when did your cohort get hers cut? I like it too. love the shoes and dress. The dress is very cute, however I think the belt is too heavy for it. I love the color and the idea of a belt hanging low like that. I think if the shoes were less heavy too would help. Like a pair of strappy sandals or sling backs?

  22. says

    Forgot to mention that I love Cookie Lee jewelry. (including the necklace) I have a pair of earrings that I always get compliments on when I wear them. :)

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    Love the hair! I also like the sash but I think you could do a belt too. Something to break it up is good. Not too short!–connie, measuredbytheheart.com

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    I’m stopping by from the Pleated Poppy :) The first top is so pretty. I think the dress looks great with a pop of color. You are too cute!

  25. says

    I like the pop of color that the sash gives. However, it does look awkward to me. It hangs a bit funny on you which is probably just the way you tie and also because it kind of competes with the pattern of the dress. It’s like overload! A belt would be more simple. Wide… skinny… it probably doesn’t matter as long as it was a pop of color (actually if it were wide, it wouldn’t matter what color). Oh, and higher up on the waist.

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    HA, my kids try to pose too, so cute. I like the dress with the sash, but I think a belt would look good too.I am in love with the short hair up do, how did you do that , it looks great!

  27. says

    Look at you lovely red head!!! Love it! ALSO love those black lace flats! You can wear those with almost anything!
    I think I like the dress with the sash. Especially with the matching earrings, it looks more put together. Like you really thought it out.

  28. says

    No sash, that was a 5-6 year back fad. Today it’s all about belts. WIDE or skinny! Go with an extreem either way and it will just make that great dress so sharp and current.

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