Cub Scout Day Camp – various ideas

My oldest went to his first year of Cub Scout Day Camp last week – he LOVED it.  I even got to hang out with the crazy boys for a day (and it was cold and rainy – who knew!).

Of course I had my eye out for crafty things so I thought I’d share a few that I got pictures of…..

Our troop had hats for all the boys.  I can’t remember the theme of camp, something about “take flight”, so the hats were like pilot hats.  The stars and pilot wings decal are iron on transfers, as well as the pack number that’s on the other side of the hat.

At one of the stations they made the snakes out of neckties – the boys loved them – -

 Our troop also made themselves water bottle straps – it’s strapping with rivit things on the ends and a bushing (looks like a ponytail doer) thing in the middle to slip over the bottles.  Maybe I’ll get an upclose picture later- this will have to do for now:

One station was “Human Fuse Ball” – wouldn’t that be fun to make for a family reunion or something?  The kids were set up like a fuseball game, and had to stay holding onto the poles.  There were 3 balls in play.

There was lots more fun stuff, but I was busy huddling under my poncho, so I didn’t take pictures of everything……

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    If you get any more info (specs) on the water bottle holder, I’d really like to make those for girl’s camp. Some superwoman is CROCHETING each girl in two wards water bottle holders. I’m not that nice.

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