June 27, 2011

Dyed Shoes

Everyone in craft blog land is dyeing their shoes - - of course, I'm jumping on that bandwagon.  I had some dye going for my elastic belt, so I through these shoes in (no easy feat - I had to smash them down in there).  I enjoy how they turned out:

I bought the shoes at Walmart, and I think they have a "Toms-esque" feel to them.  Right?  Humor me.....
I thought about adding some sort of embellishment, but I can't decide what, so for now they're just plain.  Which works for me!


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THose are CUTE! I love the pink. Walmart? I am there! Did you use a specific tutorial to die them? Just the instructions on the RIT?

LOVE THEM! And yes, a TOMS feel without the price tag! :)

Ah, yes...just like Toms ;) I have yet to dye shoes but I did paint some shoes blue for use in my fabric shoelaces tutorial :)

Love them and I think they are adorable enough even without any embellishment!

I think they look great. You did a good job.

Cute! I'm going to have to check those out, and dyeing them is a great idea since I'm always so worried about white shoes getting all nasty right away. I'd leave them as they are, or if you do embellish them, make it something interchangeable so you can switch it up or wear them plain whenever you want!

I saw these shoes at Walmart and deemed them too ugly to even try... but I LOVE them in color! Adding shoes and RIT to my shopping list...

And I think they're adorable even without embellishing. You could do some fun clip-on flowers, though, and then change them out...

So cute! What a nice shade of pink. Probably the best!

they do look like toms! :) and they look comfy too!

I love them in pink. I'm with the group that says no to the embellishments, but maybe you should try one and show us!!

So cute...love the color!! How did you keep the sole so white?

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