June 9, 2011

Flat Front Pocket Shorts - Red White and Blue

I know it's so fun to make girly stuff, but I don't want to leave my boys out.  I have been meaning to try out MADE's Pants Tutorial for a while now.  While wandering through JoAnn's, I spotted some festive fabric and knew it'd be perfect for some toddler shorts.  I only needed 1/2 yard, so these shorts were about $3 - score.

Let me tell you - - the fit of these pants is amazing!!  This will definitely be a repeat pattern.  Simple to use, easy to assemble, and a great cut.  That Dana knows what she's doing!

Also, on the picture above, do you see that double-stitched hem and pocket - - I used a double needle that came with a machine I bought a garage sale years and years ago.  I never knew how to thread 2 threads into a machine until I saw the tutorial at Make It and Love It where she just rand the 2 threads through the machine at once - who knew!  Now I've entered a whole new world of double-stitching goodness!

The shorts are super cute, but I think the model's even cuter  - -

He was having such a fun time taking pictures - love that.  In fact, he LOVES his new shorts.  He has a thing for flags (we shout "flag" while driving - kind of like the old slug bug game) AND he loves pockets, so the shorts are a win-win - - he shouted with glee when I showed them to him and he had to put them on right then.

Speaking of fun with pictures, my older son and the two neighbor boys wandered by when I was snapping away and said "we want our picture taken" - that doesn't happen often with boys, so of course I obliged.

Oh, and one more thing - - MADE and Made by Rae are putting on a mini Celebrate the Boy Series - I'll be watching it closely....(flicker pool for it HERE)


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Mandy! These look great! Did you use Dana's pattern? I went to make them the other night, but my kiddo is really more of a 4T, and I'm afraid if I try to make them myself I'll lose the dip in the front that she mentioned really enhanced the fit.

I love - LOVE - making pants. And that double needle really added a nice touch to the hem! Looks professional!

Seriously fantastic. Parade-worthy, even. ;)

OH MY GOSH! He is the cutest little boy!!! And what a cute outfit he has too! :) Haha for the older boys wanting a picture! Love it!

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great photos! the shorts look fabulous!

Love the shorts!!!!!!


I don't know what's cuter... the shorts or the kids wearing them! Thanks for linking up at Sassy Sites for our ffa party! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!!


these look awesome! gotta try this for my boys! ~April @ Wildflowers & Whimsy

These are super cute! My son loves pockets - and flags. He has a bathrobe made out of a terry-cloth flag fabric, and after bathtime he always says, "Want the flag!"

Looks like some new shorts are in his future... : )

Great idea to customize the pattern for the 4th! I shared this on my blog today at http://www.craftbuds.com/free-pattern-features-4th-of-july/

So cute--I really like the flat front on the shorts. I'll have to give this pattern a try!

I LOVE Dana's patterns! Your shorts turned out great. I didn't even know there was a such thing as double needles?!

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