Frozen Yogurt Push Pops

yes, I had to look up how to spell “yogurt” – did anyone else think it was “yogart”??  who knew!

(Obviously I made these on the same day I swirled my nails…)

I got my push-pop  forms and wanted to make something quick with things I had on hand.  I settled for frozen yogurt.  I never realized that it was just, yogurt, that was frozen – makes sense and all, I just never put it together!  
Anyways, I chopped up some strawberries and added a little sugar and blended it all with some strawberry yogurt.  Then since I didn’t have an icecream maker to make it smooth while it froze, I just stuck it in a bowl in the freezer for a while (a few hours??)  and I would stir it every 20 minutes or so, or whenever I walked by the kitchen. Then I packed it in the push pops and froze them for some more time (maybe an hour or two?).
They were a hit!  Now, what to make next…. push up cupcakes??

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    Heya! That’s awesome, and it looks sooo yummy :) I am so jealous. My pregnancy cravings want one :) Come bring me one :) hehe.

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog too- hope you stop by and enter :)

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    I was wondering where you ordered your push-pop forms from? I’ve been looking for them and found various prices, I’m looking for the a good deal. Any recommendations? ~Lori

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