June 16, 2011

Girls Camp Craft - Embroidery

Our church puts on an area-wide girls' camp for girls ages 12-18 - - this year I was the Stake Camp Craft Specialist (when I told Trevor he thought I was making it up - yes, it's a real thing!) - I had an assistant which was very nice.  Plan fun, fabulous, yet cheap, crafts for 150 girls, each day for 4 days - phew!  

I feel like every girl needs to learn to hand sew at least once in her life.  So the last day of camp the craft was to embroider the camp theme, "Live Like You Believe".  Surprisingly, most the girls seemed to enjoy it (I thought they might think it was too old-fashioned).  They were able to take the project with them for the rest of the day and work on it during their spare time as camp was taken down, etc.

Here's a couple of the sample ones I made:

I had several templates of words printed out for them to trace, or they could just freehand the words however they wanted.  Then they just took to it, trying out different ways of sewing as they went along.

I was able to buy the hoops in bulk, and the fabric was just cheap stuff from Joann's.


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That's so awesome! I completely agree with you. I'm in no hurry for Lucy to grow up BUT I am excited about teaching her to sew one day. She's almost 3 and already begs to learn lol

That hoop art is so cute!

I agree! I used to love to cross stitch as a child, would spend so much time doing it - and going to the store and picking out the colors. I think it is good for a child's creativity, and especially now days just getting them away from the TV and computer for a little while! Love it! Very cute embroidery patterns too :)

I tried cross stitching years ago and I liked it. The only thing is that I couldn't find patterns at the store that I liked so I stopped. Maybe one day I'll find one online or even make my own. These turned out really cute!

Such a lovely craft! My Mom taught me to cross stitch when I was a young girl and it was so much fun.

How adorable. I am tucking this idea away for future use!

Warmly, Michelle

I'm so glad you did this as a craft at girl's camp. I used to do activity days for the primary girls, and I quickly found that they didn't even know how to thread a needle! I enjoyed sewing doll clothes and embroidering as a youth, and I think girls need to learn this!

I'm throwing a vintage sewing party for my daughter and this would be a great activity of the girls.

What a fun craft and a great lesson for those girls! I LOVE how yours turned out!

I love your embellishments!
I think this is perfect for my daughter's next project.

And I'd like to extend another invitation to our weekly Playdate, too!


Come & Play:: Playdate

Cute! How old were the girls? I'm running a week-long (only 4 hours a day though) sewing camp for 10-16 year olds this summer. Mostly sewing machine, but I wonder if this is a good in-between activity.

I've had the same job, Mandy! It can be SOOOO much work. These are really cute! I'll have to check out the rest of your crafts!

Yup- I have that calling too :) thank goodness our camp uses a YCL committee system, so I have the help of 8 girls as well! Question, did you pre-cut the fabric for the rings? Any other useful tips? (one of my rotaions has 30 girls in it...yikes.)

Hi Ginny - - the fabric was precut into squares. I prepacked it all into a baggie - - so each girl got a baggie with a square of fabric and a needle, then picked a color of floss off my table. Good luck!

I LOVE this idea! So cute! I'm in charge of the big craft for all the girls at camp and am thinking about using your idea. You said you purchased the hoops in bulk, I'm just wondering who you ordered them from or where you got them? I've looked at a few places but not sure of the quality. Don't want to spend a lot of money, but also don't want some crappy hoop that will fall apart :)

Also, did you attach the small fabric bunting by sewing it on, too?

I got the hoops here - I can't remember which size... http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/3410-AA.shtml

and yep, I sewed on the bunting by hand - most girls didn't get to that point, but I had some scrap fabric just in case...

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